New Ult for Galilea

Ok, so I know you guys are working on Galilea little by little, but could you perhaps give her a new ult? Galilea’s Ult isn’t the worst thing ever, but it could be better as she’s been nerfed a lot. With her current damage with her shield throw and her great sword, I think her ult should be an actual ultimate and not what she has now. The description says that she explodes into dark energy, so why not do that. Have her explode instantly with dark energy. The explosion can be the same diameter as desecrate (or a bit smaller idc). It should do the same damage as her ult does naturally, but instantly rather than overtime, and it should do a bulk heal rather than being invulnerable and healing over time. It should also provide a knockback as this would still give her a chance to escape and it could be us to help teams push and hold positions as she is a territorial defender. Maybe even add a bonus effect or damage if she’s in full corruption to combo with her passive which looks cool, but is mostly useless outside of certain helix choices. Also this idea goes great with her two final helix choices.

For me, Galilea lacks presence and she’s been losing it since the nerfs began. I’m not saying buff her damage back. I’m just saying that if you’re going to nerf her basic attack and her shield throw then please consider giving her a better ultimate.

Do you play pvp?


Yeah, obviously. Ugh, I feel like this is about to turn into shade and I really don’t care to hear it.

Her ult is fine as it is IMO. She’s a defender and so has defensive skills, in this case her ultimate. You’re meant to use it as an escape, not to engage. That’s what Desecrate is for, and that along with her Greatsword do a fine job of making up her offensive abilities.


Please, just no. Desecrate is already a ridiculously good skill as it is, we don’t need another one like it.


I admit that she’s been nerfed but I seriously don’t think it was that harsh. Every single time I go into draft mode, she’s always one of the first characters to be banned, which proves she’s still a strong character.


I wanted to know. In pve is a usless pice of *. In pvp allows galilea to hunt ppl… Shecan dive pull/stun, if things goes down she can ult back to her team.

Yes there are many ways to stop her and i love that or i would hate and call galilea op.

Edit: she has been nerfed a lot and she still is a strong pick.


Um, so what about ISIC’s Ult? Do you use that to escape? What about Shayne’s damaging ult? What about Boldur in general? Attikus’s Ult does heavy slows and a lot of damage which I know does more damage than her ult. Defenders have never had a that much of a finite role. It’s not some unheard of whacko suggestion to give her an ult that is as effective as I’m asking it to be. It’s really just a quick knockback and a bit of a heal since 125 is nothing as a damaging ult goes. It’s more utility.

People still ban her because of PTSD. She can no longer 1v3 good players like she could at launch. (Which is fine) She’s not a torrent of destruction. She’s just an decent defender at best who has a worse shield than both Bolder and ISIC.

This isn’t really making her OP. I said it could be a smaller diameter than Desecrate and you get knocked back rather then chasing a lame black spot on the ground, and yes her current ult is garbage in PvE, so having an ult that helps her in both departments is a good thing.

Well… Isic has been nerfed rly rly bad to compensate.
I dont like shane ult… I lose my stun/over shield and cloak.
Boldur cant use skills unless he wants to lose his ult buffs.
Attikus ult is a joke… And he usually get focused by everyone and everything.

Galilea kit is in the right spot and her ult is perfect for her kit. She dosent need more dmg, i know her ult is silly for such a monster, but is her only escape tool.

Montana/boldur/attikus/isic have a dash of some sort to escape.


Just forget it. Galilea is perfect and needs nothing.

Give her Dreadwind type Ult. :smile_cat:

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Yes and break her completely. :wink:

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Hey you made a suggestion in a public forum I assume as a way to guage interest in your idea. otherwise you would have PMd a dev.

personally I kind think gali needs changes. not sure I agree with yours as she still feels OP at times.
like she should not have a pull at all.

I agree with others that her ult seems right for her role.

its interesting that you compare it to Shaurox ult as I find the majority of players still try and attack aurox in it so in a way its quite similar.

I’m aware of where I placed this post. My reaction to it all is from just being tired over the months I used to post on this game, and feeling like it was a waste to speak on matters in Battleborn when gearbox is just going to do whatever they want in the end. I suggested decreasing the speed of El Dragon’s claps, but instead they turned him into toilet paper flowing through the wind (at the time). I just want the game and characters to feel good and be great for everybody. No character should feel underwhelming. Shayne took many smart buffs to finally be fun for me. People will argue that Galilea “just isn’t for you” when they said the same thing about Deande and I do really well with her now that she’s had smart buffs. Does anyone remember when burst dash would push enemies away? What about when Blink Storm did like 100 damage? I’m not going to get into the topic of my Deande arguments. Galilea is a character that’s never felt completely right to me since launch and after the nerfs she feels even more lack luster as a character. Ironically, after I made this post I got into a Chaos Rumble Capture with 3 Galileas death balling and I was irritated, but despite that I still feel like her Ult is rather dumb (especially for PvE where you pop like a balloon for choosing a melee character with no stealth), and desecrate should just be changed all together. Despite how much I want to play with her, I have too many issues with her kit that almost bore me. Everything just revolves too heavily around desecrate pull/silence. I just want her Ult to interesting as I love Galilea, but whatever. Gearbox will do what they do in the end.

Galilea is not underwhelming or in need of any buff whatsoever. She is a fundamentally broken character with an extreme amount of CC, but she has a unique ultimate. Let’s leave it how it is. I do NOT want another ultimate that is just something exploding for area of effect damage (we already have Alani, Ambra, Oscar, Mellka to an extent, Benedict… even Kleeese, but at least his is a pull.)

Honestly, it sounds like you’re ignoring the community and how ridiculous Galilea is in PvP. After numerous nerfs she’s still at the top. Did you forget how she’s one of the only characters with a ranged stun? Ranged. And it lasts 2 seconds.

Also, everyone agrees Dragon got nerfed too much, not just you. And many think Shaurox got buffed a bit much as well, about as many buffs as nerfs for Dragon.

especially for PvE where you pop like a balloon for choosing a melee character with no stealth

Rath has lifesteal to keep him alive. Galilea is one of the best PvE’ers in the game because of her sustain and CC as well as tankiness. She herself is like a one-man army. Phoebe melts anything and get teleport to safety. Attikus is probably the best if not in the top 3 for PvE, which Galilea either tied or just behind him. Dragon also isn’t even that bad unless it’s a high-difficulty Op. However, Dragon was nerfed too much and he’s not as useful in PvP either.

You’re joking right?

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Look you aren’t being attacked you should just expect dissenting opinion. its nothing personal in the end. we all want the game to be good. we just have different ideas on how to get there

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I’m aware. I’m not going back and forth on this. Everything, including what I am saying, is all subjective. I’ll just leave it there.

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Beatrix is really good vs a gally.

Silence, perma wound, disease and patient zero a heavy hitter to take Gally out… easy picking. This is a team game after all.

Honestly, a lot of times a counter to a character is just a lil communication with your teammates.

Edit: @Lior55 it’s your thread so I think it’s ok to speak your honest opinion. :slight_smile:

I think gally’s ult is fine in my honest opinion. Specced right you can gain half your life back before rising back up to get back into the fight or to simply escape 4 battleborn trying to pound you like pizza dough. Another reason I like it it’s because it’s easy to CC Gally out of it. So consider that her weakness too.

Her ult is interesting and unique. How would turning it into another high damage aoe make it more interesting?