New Unique shield might be the answer for IB builds


that CD booster can really help you guys out while you walk around like a little weakling waiting for IB to come up again. minor self damage and some CDR on ASE anointments could pull off some pretty awesome total CDR for you.


Does luck even do anything in this game


No it doesnt

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i think all you have to do is to use a fast recharge shield + use the 25% recharge rate inside ib then let GR does the cdr work. if playing without GR i think ib down time would be pretty high regardless of build since cdr capped at 100%

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there’s extensive debates about that, that can’t be proven one way or the other. i’m for luck personally.

there really isn’t. all the luck stat does is make less of the items drop as common quality, but it doesn’t affect legendary drop rates.

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certainly less noticeable benefits when farming bosses which is what most people do to test (well pretty much anything), but mobbing, there does seem to be a substantial increase in legendary drops compared to not using lucky items, on my side. it’s a numbers game, and between 3 separate consoles, with varying bugs, some that are likely effecting drop rates, it’s hard to really say with any kind of finality. there are numbers for it and numbers against it. just because it doesn’t pan out for someone doesn’t mean that holds true for everyone. and just cuz it does pan out for me, doesn’t mean it will pan out for everyone. i might just have a lot of luck in my feet.


treasure hunter in GR most likely?

The main issue with IB builds isnt even the CD issue which is funny tbh it’s just it still isnt as strong as a cool down should be. It needs atleast another 50%buff or the skills that increase its dmg need a increase


Luck is pointless and the other reduces CD rate for 10 seconds. So if the normal rate is 1% every second then this is now 1.5% every seconds for only ten seconds. I’m also guessing this doesn’t stack.


Which mission did you receive this shield for?

the one for all-in allan. its right near the beginning.

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A annointment for action skill cool down would be pretty sweet on here

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IB build players always state the builds weakness is that they have to run around like a wet noodle for 2-3mins while they wait for the cooldown. using a low level sellout can assure that your shield is always giving you a +50% cd rate. at a 25% chance to drop a booster, you’ll always be under the CD rate effect. the luck is pointless, its just from the story flavour.

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Has anybody tried the shield on a IB build yet? How does it perform?

i’ve thought about making an IB build, but i’m still focused on other things first. maybe after the new years take down event and i’ve had my fill of running it with my splash master.

I just got the shield from that mission. I can’t see this shield being better than using a shield with 2 or 3 times the recharge rate and just having Topped off proccing.

Unless of course it stacks when you get the booster, and gives an almost instabt cool down.

I ran it through most of the DLC with auto bear. I didn’t specifically time the cooldown, but when in combat (especially when suffering from a dot) Iron Bear’s cooldown was often done well before autobear expired. Along with CDR on other gear, if anything it was overkill.

I can’t speak to how it works for a build where you actually stay in Iron Bear, though. I will say that 10 seconds is plenty long enough for the shield to drop another cooldown booster, so its easy to maintain. As for survivability, its no transformer, but the 30% absorb is still noticeable.

doubt that’s all, i get a lot more legendary drops with my fl4k that I run with loaded dice than with my moze who i don’t, and i play both about the same amount of time. even when not fighting enemies to activate treasure hunter, i get more legendaries out of chests as well. though treasure hunter does seem to stack it’s luck benefit as well. this is more noticeable when carpet bombing enemies with scoville. you can test for yourself and come to your own conclusion. personally i do see a noticeable benefit to having a higher luck stat.

I never used loaded dice or any luck gear and mobbing always felt rewarding to me!

I have 13% in GR and treasure hunter. Slaughter shaft is almost never less than 30 legemdaries!