New Unit forming [BRIE]; an agenda for a stiltonized universe

Do you always feel like your opponent knows something you don’t? Tired of having your best laid plans put to rest? Frustrated that your opponents power game their way to victory and trample all over the ‘spirit of the game’?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions then you better be lucky that you do not meet any [BRIE] in game! After all, our natural enemies are [OWP]!

We embody cheese and will insert our copper wires of superior knowledge and skills into this game; we shall stiltonize this galaxy and extend our earthy flavours and undertones to the entire universe.

Through the wonders of our knowledge engine, codenamed CAMERMBERT, membership to [BRIE] comes with full access to it so that you, our members, can get that immediate edge! Through drawing in the information from all the old bug trackers and patch notes, and through drawing upon the experiences of fleet commanders with PROVEN track records, CAMERMBERT provides a unified framework to access ‘the cheese with ease!’ ™.

Entry to [BRIE] is dependent upon success in a number of trials of combat. If you are interested in joining [BRIE] please say so below and your trials will be arranged accordingly.