New unlimited range mobs

Hey there everyone, just found something new. Mobs seem to have unlimited range. I’m getting shot by mobs from extreme ranges lately. Enemies I can barely see at a distance are just firing away and hitting me.
Example: quest on saving the gun Smith on Eden 6. Riding the log into the base… You pass a tower with a single mob. Well I’m in the base and he is still shooting at me … And hitting me!

Anyone else notice the extreme range/accuracy of mobs. (This is leveling in tvhm on M0)

I tend to be the one shooting mobs at ridiculous range in most cases. Usually without bothering to use ADS or a scope. You werent running around there wearing a CoV mask were you? >.>

I’ve had that happen with the exact same spawn on Eden 6 from way back. It’s why I try to make certain I kill it on the log ride to the fort where the gun smith is imprisoned. It’s not a new thing, but since most enemies seem to lose interest before you get that far away it stands out when it happens…

Like in BL2 when you’re doing the flag thing and the buzzards drop their extra troops right after they deploy and you’re getting shot by bandits way up on the buzzard’s nest that are hard to see even scoped.

They don’t have unlimited range but if an enemy has a high accuracy weapon with good range (even smgs are accurate/ranged enough), they can seem able to hit you from infinitum; in reality, they’re both well placed (this series has Doom-style cover, where it’s always placed below head and requires you to put yourself in it) and likely have a downwind or straight down range open place to hit you from. This is why Buzzards are the most annoying thing about Sawtooth Cauldron, actually. It’s straight downwind and down range with many enemies having a bottleneck on you. You can’t really avoid this; only ignore it. You attack cautiously or with urgency and move on, and at max level you’re best off finding a shortcut and moving on.

Huge waste of money dying five times trying.