Please report here any changes to Fl4k that were, once more, left out of the patch notes.


The changes to Dominance, Shared Spirit and Hive Mind are live.


Really don’t know why they didn’t put THAT of all things in the notes. Important Fl4k changes for sure.

Can’t overshadow the Trapper Skill Tree with a more impactful addition.


Weird how it wasn’t included.

For non-pet Fl4ks, the Headcount fix is probably more meaningful then that whole god-awful tree combined (if its actually fixed this time, that is).


War Loader isn’t stacking frenzy for me

I guess I should be more concerned with nothing having been broken rather than something being fixed.

What about gitm? Back to 8 secs?

Nope. First thing I checked. Still says 5 seconds.

Too bad. Will have to keep using my modded save then.

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Is the damage shared still a thing?

Use “not even a challenge” then. But ofc you give up your dmg formula for that …

I mean NEAC is extremely conditional in a non-pet focused build (which most Fade builds tend to be). If Fl4k could proc it then it would definitely be worth considering (and if the duration wasn’t 12s), but for now its probably best for Gamma builds.

What are you talking about? I’m just returning the game back to how it was before it shipped. It’s an account recovery.

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Totally true. I was messing around a little :slight_smile:

He was suggesting using a skill in the new 4th Skill Tree that has the ability of increasing the duration of GitM.

Oh, I didnt buy the dlc. So not an option for me. Sorry for the confusion on my part.


One of the new Anointments is a While Fade Away is active weapon damage is increased by 100%.

Nice… Anybody find any other new anointments?

Sounds like a poor man’s 200% ASA unless its V2.