New Unused Singing VH Voicelines

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OMG Wilhelm xD

Why were these unused?

Wilhelm xD

I don’t know why, but there’s quite a bit more

Handsome Jack reminds me of every 90’s rock singer ever.


You’re totally right, and that’s what makes his versions so great. Hahah

Here’s some more, but note this does contain a spoiler for the DLC

Athena hums that line if you leave her idle in-game long enough. Don’t know if it’s just added to the random lines you get, or if you have to be in the Claptastic DLC, or if you have to have completed a certain mission (checks - yep, spoilers section). She’s humming the tune from the Earworm side quest you can pick up in the Nexus ? Cortex ? Motherless Board ?

Hm, now I’m wondering if you have to endure different sound tracks depending on which character you play as. When I did that with Athena this morning, I had it stuck in my head for hours!! There are some tuly evil geniuses working for GBX/2K Aus…

I was ALMOST forgetting about the mainframe music. Thanks for bringing that again. Take this as a thanks gesture.

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I’ll pass… :wink:

you’ve got a good lookin mainframe :relieved:

It’s a Honeywell MULTICS. Well, it was before it got declared obsolete, anyway.

What a girl would say if you tell her she has a good looking mainframe and that you want to make an input-output request?

I hope I don’t remember this when I get drunk.

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I’m desperately trying to not remember it while sober!

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Don’t worry guys I’ll make sure to remind you every once and a while :smirk:

In scummiest voice imaginable Heh, I have a query for your mainframe…

Wilhelm sounds Friggin Brutal!

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