*New Update* anointed gear and other misc for trade

LF: fire lucians call, anointed fire rowans call, annxed fire lyuda (annoint pref), Fl4k bounty hunter mod with good dmg stats. Will keep this updated often.

i have fire lucian’s call…im interested in thorns hand cannon @sacho2902

@marcusbmhs post a pic so i can compare

sorry im looking for a stronger version


Id like the bloodletter class mod if you still have it. I have 4 bounty hunter class mods with the following stats:

Venator Frenetic Bounty Hunter
+2 Go for the eyes
+3 Hunter’s eye

+25% Weapon DMG
+15% Maliwan fire rate
+31% Heavy DMG

Man-Eater BH
+2 Frenzy
+1 TMDG (The Most dangerous game)
+2 Hunter’s eye

+28% splash DMG
+5 grenade count
+25% Maliwan reload speed

Man-Eater BH(2)
+2 Hunter’s eye
+2 Frenzy

+10% Maliwan weapon DMG
+31% Sniper DMG
+15% Tediore fire rate

Giant Slayer BH
+1 Hunter’s Eye
+2 Frenzy

+31% Assault rifle DMG
+20% Incendiary resistance
+10% COV weapon DMG


@gpicarou I dont think I have the class mod anymore, sry.

Still have that roisen thorns? I might be interested.
let me know if you still have it and what you are looking for for it.

@haikuasfunction I still have it and am looking for anointed fire rowans or lucians call, anointed cryo lucians, bounty hunter mod with good dmg/crit stats, anointed crossroads or night hawkin, etc.

@sacho2902 add me. Snixnix. I’m pretty sure i got a few things you are looking for.

@haikuasfunction lets see what you got


@sacho2902 pleasure trading with you. thanks for the roisens. enjoy the lyuda.

@haikuasfunction your welcome