New update bugs

Just got the new update for 360 and, a bug.
All Maliwan grenades are missing any sort of text, instead they have a dot.

MIRVS too.

Good job gearbox.

Do you have to add the sarcasm to it?

Only a friendly joke, calm down. If someone like Bahroo said so, you wouldn’t complain. Also I don’t see this bug as a major issue, not even asking for it to be fixed, they can take as long as they want. In fact, I am very pleased they took their time to make this update.

Ooh, stahp.

No really. Stop.

Stop what? If anything I said is offensive, please tell me how it is.

It’s nothing offensive. Just argumentative.

That’s the thing that needs to stop.

Yeah same issue here too, I already know the effects/description it should have, but, to a new player this would be confusingly confugleing ( yes that’s a word because I just made it up )
Anyways, see IMG’s below :confused:

What annoys me is it happens to Red text items too… :frowning:

Want to know if this is specific to 7th gen versions of the game.
THC has the text fully functioning, on my copy atleast.

What’s THC?

The Handsome Collection.

I’ve noticed the same thing

Wait a second, who was the first to post these issues?

Not sure. I made the post as soon as I noticed while farming the Loot train.

Same, straight away when I logged on to K.

It doesn’t state the exact time we posted it… we shall never know who was the OP…

This is a competition btw.

I am unsure if this was meant to be part of the updates (because I can’t see it listed in the patch/hotfix updates) but now when I am playing split screen all the enemy scale to the higher player. I haven’t been able to join a game that has any lower level players for me to test if this is only split screen or multiplayer in general. Was this intentional?

Didn’t it do that before?

Nope, I was able to join my OP8 character to my lower level character to help them if needed but now all scales to OP8 as soon as I join

I might know why. You must be in UVHM on your lower lvl character. I’m pretty sure the enemies scale to whatever is the highest level is.

Is that the case?