New update is great however!

Amara’s siren anoint ASE radiation damage is only showing 40%!!!

It actually has always done 40%. They corrected the display.

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You crushed my hopes, but thx for the heads up

Maybe you tested glamour? It’s working now?

I’m still at work, I haven’t played the new patch yet. =)

I only know the 40% radiation anointment is “correct” because I’ve tested it myself, and it was always doing 40%, not the 130% it said. It’s been bugged for a while, so I’m at least glad it’s corrected. It’s basically useless though, considering you’d rather have 100% radiation in the next 2 mags on ASE.

Still, at least it’s not misleading anymore for players who aren’t on the forums getting this information.

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Addressed a bug that was causing the Siren’s radiation elemental Anointment to do less than indicated in the description

130% is what was on the item card.

Yeah, seemed really odd to me that they’d correct the description rather than buff the damage.

That’s not how I interpreted the patch notes. It reads like they corrected it so it actually does 130% damage. Which according to OP it still does not.

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I’ll have to test it later myself. I agree that it sounds like they should have made it truly do 130% - otherwise at 40% its utterly useless. It’s worse than shield/grenade ASE anoints and its way worse than 100% next 2 mags.

Seems incredibly weird that they’d fix the description to match the damage, rather than the other way around.

I don’t think that’s what OP is saying. I think he’s saying that they just didn’t fix it and it’s still reading 130% but only doing 40%.

OP, correct me if I’m wrong

Only 40%

LOL well that is surprising to me. What the actual…

It’s always been 40%, it just didn’t display the correct number on the card until now

They may as well just scrap this one. They haven’t gotten it right since day one, and while the patch notes certainly implied that it was fixed to output the damage value that was listed on the card, the fact that it actually appears in game that they just fixed the card to reflect the 40% that it has always erroneously done, effectively making it 100% useless next to the 50 or 100% ASE anoints…

I’m guessing it was probably a lot easier to change the description on the card than to buff the anointment?

Easier yes. But apparently not easy enough to have been done back in fall/winter when they first changed the item card from under 40% to over 40%.