New update just now?

Am I the only one who had an update today?

I had an update yesterday evening. The game crashed shortly before it as well. What’s in the update?

I get updates all the time and my guns are nerfed afterwards. Kinda strange.

Yeah alot of the times they get nerfed.

Guns that I find get nerfed in damage numbers days later?

Not sure, the first update nerfed gun stats

I saw that one, but I get several updates a week and my damage numbers are lowered, or a multiplier is taken. And the updates that affect me aren’t posted.

Really? I thought they were done with gun balancing. At least for awhile

Yep. Guns i’m using seem to get nerfed within a few days, then I find another good one, nerf a few days later.

Hmm I haven’t noticed anything like that in particular. What kind of guns?

Just wait a moment on the menu when you first load the game until the hotfixes load in. This way you will actually always be playing up-to-date instead of randomly thinking you are getting patches that didn’t happen and nerfs that happened weeks/month ago.

Just had another update, that is 2 within an hour.

Sounds like you’re mashing the keys/buttons to get in to your session so fast that the hotfix never got applied, so at first opportunity you get the ‘update available’ prompt. As noted above, just sit at the main game menu for a few moments - you’ll know the hotfix is applied when the pumpkins for the current event show up.

There have been very few actual code patch updates.

See above. Even if you ‘accept’ the update, if you mash “Resume” too fast it won’t apply and you’ll get the prompt the next time you pause the game.

There has been no updates today nor any hotfixes since Nov. 1.

and the update screen pops up in the middle of a game and asks if I would like to exit to apply them, every time. They aren’t updates from weeks/month ago. I have seen at least 6 of those in 3 weeks.

Hotfixes get re-applied every time you reboot the game. If you select your character too soon it doesn’t apply them. If that happens the next time you hit “escape” or whatever it is on consoles, then it will prompt you for those hotfixes.

Again, no hotfix has been released since Nov.1.

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I have been playing the “pumpkin” update for weeks now. 6 daily updates, not related to anything posted in the last few weeks.

As I said above, the damage numbers on new guns I find are edited lower after these updates. I have video of this.

Then I have no idea, other than perhaps your system is messed up and it’s falsely triggering the update prompt, or keeps reapplying it successively. What platform are you on?

Let me guess- Maggie, Companion, Protuberance, Flakker goes from 16 mag to 1, I’m missing a few I think.