NEW UPDATE LF: Rowans Call or Lucian's Call (Fire or Rad, annointed pref), Fl4k Bounty Hunter mod(crit, Action skill cd, damage, etc.), and Anointed Annexed Lyuda fire

I have these for trade:

I have bounty hunter mod, would you be willing to trade crossroad for it?


Hey im interested in your Shock Rowans Call, add me on EGL: Sintech1349
i have a lot of bounty hunter mods

Will either of these work for that zane mod?

not the stats im looking for sry

Sry I already have a cryo weapon, mainly looking for fire or rad

sent request

I have a Rad Rowan’s Call (non anointed). You happen to have an Earworm?

I did until yesterday when my bank got wiped thanks to corrupt save sadly

I have a fire Rowans Call (not annoited) if that Cryo Laser-sploder is still there

post a pic and let me see, the sploder is still there

I have a fire Lucian’s Call to trade. Non anointed. You interested?

sorry thats slightly worse than the one i got

yea post a pic and let me see