New update, new issues

Update went live today. Ghalt is already a big issue. Mine, long distance pull, melt opponent before they even realize they got pulled.

I knew this was gonna be an issue as soon as I read, “Increased the damage of UPR M8-R Revolver Shotgun by 15% (from 136 to 156 at level 1)”

To 156? At level 1? Holy golden turd!

Haha, people are saying Ghalt is dead. Yeah, he’s a close range killer, but if you have an escape kill you can easily survive. If you dont… well just run and hope

Um… For real? He used to have a stun on that mine. A stun. If you were any squishier, it was a guaranteed death.
It didn’t even matter if you “realized you were pulled” or not, because you had no way to fight back.

It’s almost like Ghalt got good changes with the update. No longer relies on an instakill combo, still has lots of killing potential. Requires him to pay attention to who he pulls, what their escape options are and what the cooldowns on those are, etc.


Yea, honestly I rather have the slow for some odd reason. The slow I amazingly strong.

I still consider it an instakill. Every player I pulled into a mine died, except one. And that was because my teammate stold the kill, but yea he still died. I do agree with being aware of escapes, but that’s with every character