New Update to Homeworld Remastered Collection Rolling Out August, 20th 2015

A new update for Homeworld: Remastered Collection with be rolling out shortly. Details can be found below. The most recent version is available via Steam and should update automatically when logged in and online. We are continuing to work on additional fixes for known issues and will update accordingly when we have more information.

August 20, 2015


  • Fixed asteroid collision avoidance on all MP maps making them vastly easier to navigate through.
  • Fixed a potential memory leak when playing animatics. Fixes to kicking lagging players.
  • Fixed issues with some CPU controlled Homeworld 1 Resource Controllers not remaining stationary when supporting Resource Collectors.
  • Addressed an issue where compatibility with some Homeworld 2 Classic Mods was broken after the most recent patch.
  • Fixed a rare crash in Homeworld Remastered.

Various minor UI fixes:

  • Added a Drag icon to resize research menu.
  • The research queue menu item will no longer block mouse input.
  • 1 cost research items were still being displayed in some cases

Modder support:

  • Changed the name of the “DefenseShield” to “MagneticField” and added new features to it.

Thanks Joe!


Oh? Do tell :grinning:

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You guys are the bestest. <3

Lol this is great. It’s always the way eh? Make a patch that does some big stuff and then release a second patch shortly after to fix what the other one broke. Not complaining.

Also, what “added features”?

Again, we’ll cover it soon. We have ‘reasons’.


looks at you suspiciously

This is awesome! Playable HW1 maps.


I’m not sure if folks fully realize how big of a game changer the asteroid avoidance fix is.

It’s BIG.


HUGE. Half the maps were unplayable. Old loves like Sub and Talas. I probably won’t play crimson bond again for weeks!

Does this also fix the SP mission in Hw1 where you have to shoot asteroids? If not, don’t care, I can play Radial again!

Rata i may be joining the HWR scene either today, tomorrow or monday so lets game =)

One doubt: Do fan made maps need to be edited regarding the improved asteroid collision system
was it something only the devs end?

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Grouping code in the engine’s collision system for HW2 was doing some really, really dumb stuff when dealing with HW1 assets/layouts. A quick fix has been found - though I doubt we’re entirely done. You shouldn’t have to edit any files yourself. Though, adding a bit of spacing in places where you still see trouble should work wonders now.

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Hi Dave,
Just tested with HW1-RE, it’s working fine. I’ve sent the carrier up and down in the middle of the ASTs in those 8P maps, it didn’t last long to reposition.
Gonna test HW2-RE now. I requested @Mikali to check his map mod, maybe he comes here to notice your post.

That “Rare Crash” fix apparently was my Skirmish vs CPU crash issue. Works like a charm now. Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m betting your in a game as I type this with rata perhaps, it appears at the very least I’ll buy the game at some point now that it’s available for mac’s. :wink: Plus I just finish school, first leg that is, next, law school.

Is anyone writing a tutorial on how to get gamerules/maps running using the new system? I haven’t been paying attention to developments recently.

Not that I’m yet aware of, but writing up what I understand of the gamerule transition at least sounds more fun than beating my head against porting custom AI over right now, so good odds of me doing that this afternoon.

Custom AI shouldn’t be hard. Just set your races up to use your existing AI scripts - then edit those to not make ‘hard coded’ decisions based on Race. If you see a LUA operation using something like ‘if race == vaygr’ - just change that to ask for a property of the race which can alias the same decision… like ‘if race property ‘build small stuff’ > 0.5’. You get the same results, but now depend on properties of the race instead of just the ID or name of the race.

With the path stuff cleared up in the other thread making progress has been a lot easier. It hasn’t helped that I’ve pretty much forgotten how our changes to the AI worked so I needed to relearn them, and some changes I’d made elsewhere in the mod broke bits of it to further muddy the waters. I think I’ve got it now though. Still need to port it to the right folders so it’s getting loaded as race-specific AI rather than overriding the default, but that shouldn’t be too hard.