New uses for money and eridium

Being able to use a few million/few 10 million cash to reroll vending machines or respawn bosses without exiting the game would be amazing for console players. PC should get it to but console load times are so trash that this quality of life mechanic could have people playing more and more hours and not watching loading screens for several hours a day.

Could make the vending machines use cash and the boss respawns use eridium or just make them free. The eridium machine next to crazy earl is just dumb and takes way to long to get anything really decent out of. Especially quest items. I mean come on one or two quest items and not even guaranteed annoints? What is that?

a few million is alot
id say 25 eridium or so is fair
you dont get all that back from the boss so you still need to farm that ■■■■
the only reason we have this much is because we have nothing to spend it constantly on

if it was a few million you would be out of cash constantly
but reseting a boss for 25 per run is all you would need, but even then sometimes loading it in would be faster anyway depending on the boss

as for cash, you should be able to buy buffs wirth them at the mini game in sanctuary at tannis place
just be able to put down like idk a few hundred thousand or so for a buff id be down for
that or play the thing, or pay eridium

or how about eridium enhancements you can do with ava / tannis
speak how about overleveling of a piece of gear
say max lvl stays 65, but how about paying a BIG sum eridium at their place to make one piece 66, this could be limited to classmods or shields
you could also maybe add a skillpoint at a classmod with eridium to enhance / annoint it
and you cant get anywhere else
so you have 6 skillpoints, maybe even to a max of 7 or 8 and it gets rly expensive