New vault card not updating keys after chest reward

I’ve opened 3 chests on the new vault cards. Two of the rewards were single vault keys. My key total for this card still shows “0”. They keys have not been added to the previous vault card either. I’ve double checked that the new vault card is “Active” and it clearly shows leveling progress. I’ve even received one item reward from the first chest opened and that item is unlocked. The keys are not updating. PC, Steam, all DLC and season passes.

Two thoughts:

  1. The new card has reverted to the same colour for VC and Diamond keys. The odds are against this, but check that you weren’t the lucky whatsit who got two diamond keys - they will show on your inventory page, right beside your Golden keys.
  2. If that’s not it and you’re on PC, check that the profile.sav file in your saved games folder (or the folder itself) hasn’t been set to read-only mode.

I can tell you that the regular VC keys are working for me on XB1 - what platform are you on?

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On PlayStation they have brand new color, and whole new icon (both side key), so it’s easy to tell the difference between all three type of keys.

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