New vault hunter idea

Imagine a goliath as a vault hunter besides if a psycho like krieg can make it as a vault hunter then why not a goliath, & so i introduce you to Smash, the pulverizer.

I’m not so good at making back stories but this is a tid bit, smash is a member of the sun smashers who survived by pulverizing, tearing & turning into face gravy anyone who tried to kill him or just got in his way, however even when the sun smashers were either killed off or joined the COV, smash is still very loyal to vauhgn, despite him being a goliath he is able to control his rage far better than other goliaths, i have the names of his skill trees but i’m having trouble thinking of the names of the skills & augments, his action skills are as follows

FRENZY: An action skill where he takes off his helmet to go into a fit of rage, upon activation his health is fully restored, 200% increased melee damage & he is givin a 25% damage resistance, the abilities are,

ground pound: A slow but very damaging attack that is controled with the left trigger,

rapid jab: A fast but light damaging attack that has a chance to stagger & knock back enemies,

leap attack: Perform a far leaping attack that deals damage & knockback, press right bumper to use,

left bumper for canceling the action skill early & to refund some of the cooldown for it.

DOUBLE THE FUN: functions exactly the same as salvadors action skill where he can dual weild a combination of any gun (except the fabricator), hold left bumper to cancel skill early to gain back some cooldown.

RAGE DOWN: An action skill where smash slams his fists on the ground to deal massive damage to enemies in range & releasing a shockwave that damages & sends enemies flying away.

Now onto his skill trees,
TUNNEL VISION: The first skill tree that focuses entirely on his usage of weapons & improving their overall perfomance & effectivness.

tier 1 skills:
Deeper mags (1/5): Increases the gun’s mag size by 5% per level & increases gun damage the smaller the clip gets
Anvil rounds (1/5): Increases gun damage by 10% & crit damage by 5% per level

Tier 2 skills:

THICK SKIN: The second skill tree that focuses on his health/shield capacity, damage resistance & overall survivability.

BLOODTHIRST: The third & final skill tree that focuses on maintaing & improving the frenzy action skill & boosting his melee damage & effectivness
Tier 3 skill:
Bone breaker (1/1): Kill skill: Killing an enemy with melee damage grants a stack of Bone breaker that increases the players melee damage by 50%, 2% increased damage resistance & 0.25% increased health regeneration per stack, maxes at 10 stacks, “i’ll break you’r arms into fractures & shove them up your ass”
Tier 4 augment:
Hemorrage: melee damage has a chance to inflict the hemorrage status effect where enemies will take 1000% of melee damage as DOT for 10 seconds, but they will take 2000% while moving.
Tier 5 skill:
Skull smasher (1/1): Melee skill overide, performs a slow but powerful overhead smash that deals extreme melee damage & stuns the target for 3 seconds, if the target is killed it creates a shockwave that damages, slows & knocksback enemies, has a 7 second cooldown “i’ll smash your skull into bonemeal”

Any help for the names & functions of the various skills & augments will be greatly appreciated, i mean who wouldn’t want to back a bandit into a corner & turn his face into gravy while hearing him say some of the old bl2 goliath quotes?