New Vault Hunters and general feedback

So in the borderlands show the lead developer commented that the data shows people pick and character and only play the one, or something along those lines. Being a huge fan of the series and a daily player I feel that the reason for this is a lack of playability and variety in the hunters themselves. For a long time Zane was almost unplayable with all the skills traits that didn’t work and Moze had a near useless action skill at higher levels of gameplay. So that left us with two viable characters to play.

I am so happy with all of the changes that are being made to the game and the open line of communication that we have with the game developers. I love the game and I only hope to give my input to help it become the best it can be. That being said the way a lot of builds are set up makes the game feel kind of odd and clunky. Flak has class mods that directly buff damage for the most part, Amara has more skill based buffs. Zane has odd movement based ones that go with his skills but require so many hoops to be jumped through before they work on the same level as the latter and Moze is iron bear… and shields. I don’t know what I would want a new hunter to be, but I know I want another option. The new annointments have helped a lot with finding play styles but when it comes to Moze anointed gear isn’t fun. All of hers require getting in iron bear which sets her behind the other vault hunters.

When I get drops it also seems like I’m getting the same Legendaries over and over. It’s so hard to get grenades or shields, this was supposed to be fixed with designated drops but the chance for them is so low that if you do get the drop it’s almost never the roll you want. These are just some concerns I have. I know people have probably voiced all these things before in one way or another. Thank you for listening and keep up the good work.