New vault hunters and raid bosses

Hello all, Im new to the forums, however I am a huge borderlands fan and I have a topic for discussion that I think we can all chime in on.

Raid bosses need to be in the game and they need to be challenging to motivate the player base to try and reach new heights within the game. If Gearbox wants to go in a more raid focused direction that plays like a mission that’s fine and I agree that would be cool. I still think that legendary raid bosses need to be at the end of those raids. That’s is what makes a raid feel like a success. If at the end of the raid the players first try nuke the boss, then there will be no incentive to do it again other than loot that once obtained will no longer motivate long term play.

New vault hunters should be in the game as well. One of my favorite characters from borderlands 2 was Krieg, who was a dlc character. I think its good to break the mold and try new things, but don’t throw out something good just to be different. DLC characters prolong the life span of the game by introducing new builds, play styles, and incentives to obtain loot to maximize that new vault hunter. I would agree that introducing new free skill trees or enhancements to the current vault hunter’s skill trees would also help, however if that were to occur in conjunction with new vault hunters then I think there is a real recipe for success there.

I think this is a real interesting topic of debate since the new end gameplay for borderlands 3 is something that has grown on me, yet I do not want to see a total abandonment of the old ways. Let me know what you guys think and if anyone at gearbox reads this please consider my comments :slight_smile:

Happy farming everyone

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Thanks! I just wanted to share my thoughts on how Borderlands could approach content release specifically in terms of raid bosses and new vault hunters. New events and constant updates, hell yeah that sounds great!

Raids ending in Raid bosses is what I am hoping for. It would help make it so different builds were viable. Characters/Builds that specialize in mobs and crowd control would have more of a purpose in the end game opposed to finding the 1 character that faceroll DPSplodes and nothing else having a purpose. Obivously having that DPS character at the end for the boss would be great too. Would be similar to Diablo Greater Rift pushing.

They already announced in the 1st episode o the Borderlands 3 web show that there would be no more vault hunters via DLC. That could possibly change, but don’t hold your breath.

I was thinking having a tink with anointed powers as a new VH
Resize psycho blitz and finger blasters
Personally I’m in love
And I really want this as a new vault hunter in BL3

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