New Vault Hunters mural

With new info about Vault Hunters we also received parts of new mural which could be a wallpaper for VIP’s Season 3.

You can check single part in each VH’s “Ways to Play” article.
Zane -
Moze -

We’ll get two more parts in next week with Amara and FL4K videos.

For now there is some missing piece after combining the picture.


That’s going to be one hell of a mural.
At a guess… Amara’s will be on the left end, with FL4K’s on the right end (since that side looks to progress to a woodland area.)


I thought that they were individual peices, but now that you put them side by side i can see they are parts of a whole. Good catch!

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Part 3, but something is off in it. Maya’s hand is missing and the windmill is in weird position.

Single part


Huh… guess I was wrong… so FL4K goes on the end, next to Amara… maybe. But this mural is definitely something I’d download as a desktop when it’s done. :slight_smile:

Amara: Four times the middle fingers for four times the insult.


FL4K will be on the left. You have BL3 logo on the right, also left side is incomplete.

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Amara is crouching while everybody else is standing up and that’s throwing off the balance/symmetry in the design. They even moved her a bit higher so all the heads would still align, but that’s actually making it worse. She’s also the only one not wrapped in those fabrics and that’s only making her look even more detached from the rest of the image.

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All the parts.


New mural with Calypso.



Official release.