New Vehicle Parts Not Unlocking Question

Ok, so I hijacked 3 or 4 enemy Outrunners today (including one called a “Twitch Runner”) and brought them to vehicle stations to scan

Even then it said “New Parts” a few times, I have zero new parts or upgrades or skins available in my “Spawn Vehicle” screen.

I am level 9 and have not yet left the Droughts, not even for the Broadcast Centre.

Thanks in advance.

Tap or click blurred text to see my question, thanks!

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i think that is one part per area. if the vehicle mission icon is already grayed out you already done it.

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There isn’t even one for the Droughts, I don’t think.

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It works only if there are new parts for the vehicle. When you drive it back, on the bottom center it should say new parts unlocked.

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UPDATE: As soon as I entered Ascension Bluff and used the Catch A Ride station, I had new Twitchy Wheels available.