New visual Flairs need adjustment

Just got my first look at them… I like the visuals but there are some really frustrating aspects of this system in the state it’s in…

Since it can only be seen when the gear is activated, it’s hard to appreciate it unless you’re in a match… but even then, this is a 1st person game, so it’s still hard to appreciate… you need to be able to preview it in command somehow to really enjoy it fully…

The whole idea Seems like a bit of a mishap in the condition it’s in right now… Adding visual customization options is a great idea… tying them to the gear system is… problematic

Create them as a separate loot drop… but don’t tie them to gear… letting bosses drop a new type of item gives me a new reason to replay… this just, frustrates me Bc right now, if I want my guy to look cooler I have to sacrifice his stats… that’s fine in PVE, but in PVP u need everything u can get stat wise…

Or create a vanity slot on loadouts…

At the very least make the gear we already have retroactively give these visuals… right now only newly acquired gear grants them… I’m not going to farm all new gear for loadouts I already know work just to get a visual flair… so even though I’d like to enjoy them, I wont… Bc that means re-doing everything I did before…

It just doesn’t make sense… @Jythri please someone fix this rough execution of a great idea…

Also side bar… I just got enough for the kreshek skin, and it’s twice the price now :frowning:


First, let me just say love the apparel idea and I think it has real potential. I dont think anyone was expecting this. I just dont think we’re gonna see as much of it as we would like to :confused:

But I agree, I wasn’t expecting them to tie it to the actual gear its self. I already have my gear slots set with what I feel is the best for each character. I’m not gonna change anything out just to show other people I have a hat meanwhile I’m using a worse health regen than I would usually have used.
It seems a bit counter intuitive to have flair only activate while your in combat, you cant appreciate it outside of an actual match.

speculation time:
I guess it was a programming limitation or R&D time limitation. they already have 3 slots for gear to tie to a character and it would be hard to go back into that system and add more slots for aesthetics only. Doing that would require you to make a full class and with only flair tagged so you couldnt bypass and put more gear into those slots. That would need to go through some real R&D to make sure it didnt break anything and its working properly every time with every piece of gear. Its much easier to spawn a static object, parent it to a bone, and offset if needed upon activation of something already working in the system.

I was just hoping it would be something like Diablo3 where you can just go and turn on and off any flair you have.

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Agreed! That would work too man. The idea of it being a separate feature entirely, it could even be a separate drop from gear itself, sort of a “find it as a drop and now it’s unlocked” type of thing… that’s best IMO, I just meant that if they wanted to tie it to gear they could, but they should add a vanity slot if they were going to go that direction… sort of disappointing… here’s to hoping they’ll make some adjustments?

god damn that’s goofy XD
I love it

Thanks :slight_smile:

All Hail King Mike!


So, can you get flairs from any source? (And that King Mike is fantastic!)

Let me say this. Flair is cool and all, but the fact that the writing on a gear is so “missable” is bad.

It’s hard to notice that a piece of gear has something more than just stats. I just sold so many items from the packs I got and didn’t pay attention to the teal writings, because I thought it’s just some random ramblings like the ones we have on Legendary items… Either make them sparkling or implement a simple: preview-on-hover.

Random item:


Item with Flair:


Zero difference. And if you’re a new player - this “Hat Flair”, “Spiked Crown” is just random words on an item that you will not give a crap about, because you are only interested in the item stats.

Other possible suggestions? Make it so that you could “attach” a flair to any given item, just like players can in Path of Exile (ARPG game). You just right-click an “effect” in your stash tab and then “left click” it on an item to give it that effect.

We have the same problems in the marketplace where we STILL can’t see what we are buying, how things look like in real-time and so on. For example - what’s a fireworks finisher? How do I have to know what it does and how it looks? it’s like giving money to a black hole and expect something in return.

And one more thing.


This Founder “badge” looks like a 3 second MS PAINT random copy/cut-paste job. The borders are green (looks bad and out of place), the image is “whatever it is”.

You guys (at GBX) have so much ART talent and you only came up with this solution?

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There was a system like this in Spiral Knights (anyone else play that one?) That allowed you to have the equipment you wanted, as well as the cosmetic flair you picked as well. I’d like to be able to find a flair (EX: Cat ears) and put it on my Veil Manipulator, instead of grinding Void’s Edge another hundred some-odd times (i am not a lucky person) and HOPING i find another VM that a) is equal to or higher in stats than my current one, and b) actually HAS a flair.

Don’t get me wrong, I like this new item system. It’s fun and lets you further make a character your own, but please don’t leave me to the mercy of rng.


We need to talk about your flair.

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Yes!! This right here-- a transmute system-- take the flair off one piece of gear and put it on another-- I’d spend my platinum on this @jythri

Yet another fix for the currently frustrating yet desirable flair system…

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This would also turn it into a true loot hunt and not a grind for things I already have but want new versions of

What if I want to use a gear but don’t want the visual flair effect? Is it possible?

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Yes, not all the new gear has a flair effect, so if you have a piece of gear without it - use it.

But this will make the game and its inventory even more overloaded. We will gonna need more than 439 gear slots now… Ugh. It really seems like a rushed idea with minimal quality of life options.

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I think the idea is valid, but not attaching visual effects on gears… not this kind of visual effect. Maybe a new loadout (0 cost, for sure) to equip your customizations, I don’t know. But not attaching it to gear, please.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

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Yes exactly where I’m at too… I love the visuals but I don’t want it to mess with my gear

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So after I opened the Founder pack several hours ago I got 2 Pacifiers with different Flairs. Here is my Pacifier collection at the moment:


And their descriptions:

So. Who really thinks it’s a good idea to have different flair rolls on the same item + making Flair imbued on an item forever without an ability to extract the flair and attach it to an item you want? And on top of that - how are we gonna find a flair we want when we will have a gazillion of items with all the different flairs? Remember, we have only 439 gear slots available at the moment and I already have 388 filled up with all the different items WITHOUT any flairs. Now. If I want to farm flairs and their combinations I’ll gonna need thousands and thousands of gear slots. My inventory in a year will look like: 15 pacifiers with different flairs, 16 Bolas with different flairs, 12 zero cost shard generators with a -reload attribute and with different flairs.

So, yeah. Good luck to us, players, to micromanage this madness. GBX really needs to address this and implement an attachment system and get rid of the flairs from gear.

(Today I’m active, don’t know why…)


I got the impression from the stream that this flair system is only in its first iteration. Keep giving feedback, they’ll listen…


I remember something about a gear crafting system Randy had mentioned some time ago
And I imagine this Flair system was a long time coming

Fingers crossed everybody


I believe the term he used was the first “wave”… which made me think more flair itself is coming but not necessarily a change to the way it works… but here’s to hoping it’s BOTH Bc I want both ideas to happen