New Voices / mix balance

Has anyone else noticed that the new voices don’t have the small bit of delay/reverb applied to them like the originals? as well the balance between voices and music seems to be a lot different by default. It makes the characters feel a bit out of place from the rest of the in game audio. for a game that puts so much emphasis on audio, this is a pretty crucial balance to achieve I think.

it should be something that can be added via the game’s audio engine (ie just apply a tiny bit of delay or verb to the voices).

That’s the kind of thing I’m nervous about with the remaster. I know we haven’t seen the release yet so I’m still hopeful, but that type of little detail is what made the games great. Losing the details while gaining pretty ships would still be a lesser game.

That said I am going to try my best to go in with an open mind and experience it all over again as if new. (I have only played HWC recently so the redone stuff won’t be fresh in my head.)

One thing I have also noticed with some of the HW1 Remastered gameplay footage out there is that all of the “battle chatter” uses the generic Homeworld 2 voices. Homeworld 1 had a really wide range of different unit dialogue (i.e. from your fighters and capital ships) that really contributed to the feel of the game, especially when you went into the game options and turned the verbosity up. The battle chatter in Homeworld 2 just sort of felt a lot more generic in comparison in my opinion.

Anybody know if there will be an option to get the original battle chatter voices back for the HW1 campaign? I would much prefer using that than the stock HW2 chatter, even if it’s at the original lower sound quality.

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yeah I’ve noticed that as well. i’m hoping its the kind of thing they patch later on.

Noticed especially the reverb thing. I’m hoping there’s some way to replace some audio files with the originals…

Ah excellent, I’m getting closer to bingo. :smirk:

Gearbox may do patches like that, but your best bet is the Modding community. And TRUST ME ON THIS: Little things like this is what people will want to Mod first.