New way to tackle Killavolt

I use zane, and when farming killavolt recently I started having problems. I wasn’t sure if they buffed himk or what so I decided to try a different tactic. Typically you wouldn’t use a redistributor for a boss because it isn’t their strength, but one of my mayhem modifiers is laser fire which drops these spinner traps.
I noticed KV loves to throw them down, so I decided to use them to my advantage.
Still needs some work, but check out the vid:

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I usually just spam him to death with a Radiation Lob…

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It took me a sec to figure out what you were doing. Is the reflected beam throwing stronger damage than your primary shots, or is that just a way to handle the lasers while not losing DPS on Killavolt?

Also, if I’m on Gehenna, can Traitorweed flip those lasers to my side the way it can a Drone? :thinking:

why struggle so much when u can use urad reflux with laserfare omegalul

Nicely done. I’ve heard you can do the same thing with a Recursion.

Zane have an easy time killing KV actually if you play a clone build.

Only thing about Killavolt is that you pretty much become immune to him if you wear a Transformer shield. At that point you could just about do the same thing to him as Maple did in Bofuri to the Hydra.

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This is the reason I use laser fare.
It helps to have a stationary thing to shoot while zooming around at mach speed. And everything else just dies.

I just blast him with Iron Bear Vanquisher Rocket pods. Easy peasy.

@jmthsauer’s suggestion of the Radiation Lob is what I did before Iron Bear Mayhem 2.0 scaling.

LOL the real struggle is actually being able to get any Reflux to drop with a solid anointment haha. I’ve given up trying until they fix the dedicated drops.

That’s gonna be a bit difficult when playing Zane…

Why even do that, though, when Mind Sweeper + Railgun is a 5 second kill?

Zane just needs to proc Raulgun on kill. :wink: