New Weapon ideas

I love the game and I’m glad that they are releasing 5 DLC characters but I’d like more. With that being said I have ideas for a few weapons that could be potentially used by any new characters. A crossbow, a bo staff, nunchucks, tonfas, dual wield pistols, a cutlass, telekinesis, a cannon, a whip and sonic abilities. What do you guys think

Whip sounds awesome, a Nisha like character comes to mind.

I´d like to see a claymore character. Raths uses his far to rarely :slight_smile:

I could a character from the Jennerit using a whip. A claymore would be cool

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Thought about Jennerit first too. Maybe two whips, like these Cerberus special troops in MassEffect2+3.

I´d love a Eldrid with a huge claymore. Something truly badass, not so much skin as Alani. Galilea is already near it. Or maybe a Golem-like male character design (as the enemies in the Sentinel).

Galilea is the reason I didn’t go with a claymore. As for the Golem idea isn’t that what Kelvin is supposed to be. I’ve heard him say Ice Golem smash before

With the golem I ment the root-entwined Sentinel-golems though :slight_smile:
With 26 characters in all their glorious diversity its really hard to find something new…

I’d like a Very Small Character wielding A Very Large Weapon. Maybe a huge hammer or battleaxe?

Had such an idea too. The Rogues already have their tiny ones, so I thought about an Eldrid character - maybe a fairy-sized winged insectoid carrying a monstrosity of a poisoned scythe.

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Something I’d also like is a Peacekeeper Healer. Since explosions are cool, maybe they could have a grenade launcher similar to Mellkas or Oscar Mikes, which can heal/buff teammates and debuff/dmg enemies. Maybe with a DoT effect?
Not sure how it would actually work in practice, but I really like Caira in Evolve so… :grin:

Great ideas everyone. Going back my whip idea maybe an LLC character with dual whips. Kinda like Whiplash in Iron Man 2. Hopefully we will get more than just the 5 but if we don’t I’m ok with it

The Peacekeeper support is a really good idea. Especially since they’re the only faction without a support character

I think of they did do a peacekeepers support it would deploy defence like turrets

But we need more heals!

If you check next characters in DLC, it’s look like they are a bird (Chicken ? :laughing:) with a grenade launcher…

May be your wish will become reality !

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Give me that, and Boldur will finally have some competition for favorite!

I just wanna see nova in the robot suit she mentions it a couple of time in pve

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I’m pretty sure we are all getting that wish to to come true. I’m willing to bet that the character on the far left next to UPR bird is Nova in the robot suit

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That’s what I was thinking…shell probably be the last one of the five new characters though

Chain saw, flame thrower…you know…manly weapons

I’ve actually been thinking a bit about this, the possible new characters, and here’s some thoughts I had: (get ready, we’re heading for TL;DR terroritory)

Battleborn is all about Badasses. To that extent, there’s some tropes that are plainly evident. Deande is the sexy lady spy/ninja. Sometimes, it’s a double-dip: Rath is the Vampire Swordsman. (They even have a bit of fun here with his Not A Vampire reference). I don’t think these tropes are BAD at all; I think we’ve got very interesting and well-developed characters all around this game. So I think what kind of characters we see would be informed by what kind of “badasses” they haven’t made yet. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

a. The Lycanthrope. While we do have anthropomorphic animals, none of them has the feel of the hunter. Attikus is Minotaur-inspired, Benny, Toby and highly-rumored “Grenade Chicken” are birds, and we don’t have a lupine or feline-inspired animal character. Whether the character would be naturally in that form or actually shift like a werewolf is more a mechanical choice.

b. The Rider. Discounting Caldy’s armor or Kleese’s battle chair, we don’t really have an example of the personal-vehicle-riding badass. It could be a souped-up Space Harley, a clockwork stallion for a knight-and-steed style character, a hoverboard, any number of different things.

c. The Gunslinger. We don’t have a dual pistol type of guy/gal, as noted earlier. I think Gearbox fans affinity for Nisha makes someone like her showing up a possibility, unless they feel that’s too on the nose. But I think a classic Cowboy or a John Woo-inspired business-suit-and-black-shades dual pistol wielder would be a great choice.

d. The Reluctant Badass. This is more a personality type than a character archetype, but all of our Battleborn are pretty bloodthirsty. We don’t really have a guy who DOESN’T want to be there at Solus, fighting for all he’s worth, but recognizes he NEEDS to be there (because he’s so rough.)

e. The Pint-Sized Pounder. This is a classic. The small, physically unimposing character who drops bombs. Toby fits the role a little bit, but I’m thinking more of a small-hitbox character who focuses on melee with an oversized weapon (which hits another trope.) My own take would be a little girl with a rocket-powered hammer. She’d be the first melee character who needed to reload (tricky, but INTERESTING!) as each swing used up a canister of rocket fuel for her hammer (I’m thinking a decent mag size though, maybe 10 or 12.) She could also have a dash where she rides the hammer, and AoE/Radial with ground-pounding. Knockback aplenty, burst damage, big powerful swings. Somewhat squishy, but with a small hitbox to make up for it.

f. The Pyromaniac: with the exception of a few helix powers, we don’t really have a dedicated firebug. Ambra is more about the radiant power of the sun, which may be splitting hairs, but she’s also too restrained in personality to be the true Badass Pyro.

g. The Mistake-of-Science: while ISIC can count a bit as a rogue AI, I mean much more in the “stitched together” or “unholy genetic mutation” mix.

h. The Xenomorph: a character with physical characteristics that are just outside the norm. Kelvin is an example, but I mean something REALLY weird, perhaps even without bilateral symmetry. Hitbox and crit spot are maybe tough, but again, it’d be more variety.

i. The Undead: again, maybe they skip it because this is much more sci-fi than fantasy, but like with Frankenstein’s Monster, can be combined with “the Mistake-of-Science.”

j. The Defector: again, Deande and the whole Jennerit contingent sort of fit this because they turn against Rendain, but I mean an archetypal traitor from the REAL threat: the Varelsi. Anybody else feel like it’d be super-cool to see the world from behind the eyes of one of these guys? I do. GBX may not go that way, of course, because they WANT the Varelsi to remain inimical, alien, and weird.

Ok, having rattled those off, let’s take a look at what we might get:

With 5 announced heroes on the way, and 5 factions, it seems obvious that we’ll get one for each. Alani is our Eldrid, and Pendles is the Rogue.

It also seems evident that GBX doesn’t want to patch certain holes in teams. Each faction has a weak point, reflected in that their gear gives penalties to that, and their current roster doesn’t really have that role. It makes me think Grenade Chicken will NOT be a Peacekeeper Supporter. They don’t want them to have a support character as a measure of balance and flavor.

If you look at the two characters we know about so far, they add to the already-existing strengths of the faction rather than patching holes. Alani is another Eldrid Healer, and Pendles is another sneaky, quick Rogue.

If Grenade Chicken is Peacekeeper, which sure seems likely based on design, expect AoE damage and a small hitbox. I’m not crazy on it because I feel like it overlaps with Benedict, and thinking about other roles the character could fit in a militaristic squad, traps are on Ghalt, and they may not want a combat medic. Grenade Chicken could be an engineer, but I also don’t know if they want a character fully dedicated to interacting with buildables.

I think that Nova in the Robot Suit is a no-brainer, and you’d have to expect she’ll be LLC.

So that basically leaves an unaccounted-for Jennerit. Unfortunately, most of the archetypes I’ve gone to the trouble of identifying don’t really fit the Jennerit flavor. Perhaps there is another, though:

The Mentalist: it’s risky to balance in a game so dedicated to momentum as PvP Incursion is, but what about a Jennerit psychic who could temporarily change the allegiances of minions, or even take control of a player (a possible Ultimate.) The balancing factor would be that you would be a vulnerable target in need of protection while this is going on, and that you’d need to know what you’re doing with any Battleborn you control. Obviously, the potential here for insta-kill on grabbing someone and just walking next to your friends then canceling the skill is pretty evident, but perhaps give a damage reduction buff to the character once the limited-time control wears off? This means the power will be used more for as intended: grabbing someone and having them shoot their friends. Stuns and slows would be the character’s calling card, and the range could be limited as the Jennerit don’t really have that focus on ranged combat.

For anyone who actually made it through all this, I thank you and hope you found it entertaining.