New Weapons are fun

Looking forward to the nerf next week


The face puncher is going to be the first to be nerf rather than a new weapon.

several new splash weapons being stronger than kaoson right now xD

The first draft pick would be the complex root for sure

I have a lot of fun with the new DLC and especially the new Legendarys. I wish there were no nerfs left. If some people howl that weapons are too strong, then they shouldn’t use them, it’s that simple. I just can’t hear any more if any YT mean “OMG is so OP”. It also makes me particularly angry that GB probably listens to these people more than what the majority of the community says, especially here in the forum. For some it’s surgery, for others it’s fun. GB shouldn’t get anything, if you should then check everything carefully beforehand and not just bring a lot of fun to people and take it afterwards. This is my personal opinion.

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Like to know what legendaries you guys talking about. Have yet to find a new legendary at m10 in new dlc to out damage a level 57 m7 yellowcake on moze.

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We have a gun that shoots bubbles.

I enjoy that. It will be nerfed. Fun is not allowed round these parts.


stop calling adjustments nerfs ffs. right now we have ridiculous disparity between legendaries of the same manufacturers that occupy same niche, this should not be a thing, if we want satisfying sensible endgame. some things will be buffed some things will be nerfed. when a “nerfed” weapon is a top effin performer it was not nerfed it was adjusted. a nerf would be taking a top performer and making into a polybus

Complex Root, it does unspeakable damage

No stop calling nerfs “balance” or “adjustments”. There is no balancing in borderlands to this day after over a year and 3 xpacs. The “adjustments” as you call them have just made the balance worse it has not solved a single balance issue. These recent NERFS were to sell their xpac nothing more had nothing to do with balance.


Have it still lower dmg then the yellowcake and much more dangerous for one shotting myself.

Haha I disagree on both accounts. I’ve yet to kill myself with it either lol

Stop it
I played for the game, I want to use the content

no stop saying BS my man adjustments is what creates a base line to make the game fun to play nobody wants to run around disregarding 90% of red text gear just because some people want to one tap ■■■■ on mayhem 10. slowly but surely game is bunching up the gun type performances in a reasonable range which gives devs ability to actually create the end game everyone wants. you know where that endgame does not exist? in a game that has bunch of OP outliers. cry me a river dog some things are better buffed some things are better nerfed. if you expect AR’s to perform like monarch snipers to perform like snadhawk then you will be crying for mayhem 20 because mayhem 10 is easy.

tl’dr underperforming and overperrforming outliers are bad

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WTF you think has been happening since the release of this game? 95 percent of loot and skills are garbage. We had more variety before the nerfs started. Name one nerf…adjustment that fixed a damn thing?
Still pick up a m10 weapon that isn’t on the short list of “good” weapons and take 15 minutes to kill a trash mob then pull out a yellowcake or a Root and 1 shot the same mob.
And about 100 times more items need buffed then that need nerfed so why do we only see massive nerfs 90 percent of the time and the other 10 percent the buffs are miniscule and the item that got buffed is still useless?
And there is no endgame in borderlands. There never has been it is farm to be more effective at farming. Bl3 is even worse because there is not even invincibles to work towards beating or OP level missions. Game is even easier after this dlc and there is even less variety of weapons to use.


Stop calling nerfs adjustments. Adjustments are what you do in beta.


I love this one! Probably one of my favorites of the new DLC just for the fun factor.

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very fast ttk=fun

every gamer who does not wanna play long

I nerf this thread.