New Weapons Discussion

So, this is where the fun starts. And by the looks of it we have a whole new ball park, literally. Nobody can turn around and say this is a reskin. It seems like the designers at GBX have been very busy creating a whole new arsenal of weapons for us to play with. Yeee, hah!

So, from the Borderlands website i ripped em off into one place for your perusal. Just read those small prints, some changes have been made to how the weapons work.

Step 1: Hit your enemies with tracker tags.
Step 2: Unleash a hail of Smart Bullets that track towards your targets.
Step 3: Loot!


Toggle between alternate fire modes depending on your play style, your predicament, and your predilection for bonus damage.

Aim down the sights to take cover behind your weapon-mounted shield and keep your finger on the trigger for increased accuracy.

Deliver devastating critical hits to enemies’ soft-and-sensitives, then joy-puke as your bullets ricochet towards other targets.

Toggle between two elements, charge your weapon, and deal guaranteed elemental damage with your finger glued to the trigger.

Toss your gun like a grenade to reload, then watch it pursue a nearby enemy as a fully loaded version digistructs in your hand.

Switch between regular and sticky-projectile fire modes. Stickies do more damage if a bunch of them detonate on the same target.

Augment these rapid-firing, ammo-hungry guns with under-barrel attachments including tasers, rocket tubes, and additional gun barrels.

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