New weapons in enemy hands

Today’s thoughts as I was driving in to work were about the new weapons in enemy hands, and what that might mean to gameplay. Some thoughts;
Atlas. If we can target enemies and have homing bullets with Atlas, so will our enemies. So if being attacked by Atlas, what will we do?
I am thinking that we’ll possibly have a enemy locked indicator in our HUD
, and there will be a skill, or possibly relics, that have a break lock capability. Notice a lock, press a button to break lock. Also might have a line-of-sight limit, so dodging behind something could break lock.
Tediore- I’ve never noticed, nor do I think, current games have Tediore reload damage from enemies, this might be only because I haven’t noticed it in 1,000s of hours.
But if enemies do, and the whole running reload is a thing, I’m going to assume that, first, minions, mechs, or gadgets can draw aggro from a Tediore chasing reload. Also each chasing gun has it’s own health bar and can be shot.
Hyperion. Shields built into guns is not going to be too different. It will reduce the target area of an enemy, but that’s very similar to what happens now with a BUL or PWR loader, or a shielded nomad. I don’t think we’ll have to do anything particularly new to adapt to that.
Dahl and Vladoff. No real change. Those makers just add new projectile and damage types, so again, we’ll be using the same tactics.
Torgue. Sticky projectiles are gonna stink. Imagine suddenly being pelted with 5 projectiles that stick to you and you know in a few seconds you’ll be blown up. Looks like another potential for a skill, something like a name I’ve picked, Greased Pig, you do something or other and the projectiles fall off you. Also I can imagine certain shield that are sticky repellant and don’t allow Torgue pellets to adhere to the player.
Maliwan. Mutiple elements. Maybe new types of Adaptive shields that have multiple element resistances. You’re going into a particular area, for example, and need to find an Adaptive shield that handles Fire and Corrosive, perhaps with different percentage reductions. Lots of farming to find the right shield for a particular area.
CoV. Infinite ammo is not really anything different, again, just handle taking damage as always. But the overheat mechanic could be interesting. If each gun has an overheat delay statistic in, say, seconds, the Vault Hunter could plan to either take damage or take cover as they wait for the enemy gun to overheat, then pop out and nail the attacker.

My random thoughts. Any other thoughts on new guns in enemy hands?


Atlas and Torgue sounds like would require tweaking efficiency of guns in enemy’s hands, as for rest they sound like fun to fight against.

I’d assume enemies wouldn’t reload Tediore unless out of ammo, hence minimum damage per reload.
Maliwan enemies are pain regardless, DoTs hurts. Good call on asking for good elemental shields.

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I hope atlas bullets home in on players and Torgue “bullets” stick to us. Currently only a few enemy types pose a real threat(anything can kill you, but ya know what i mean). That would mean a lowly bandit could have the potential to easily kill us

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Honestly, I don’t think enemies will have access the to the same gimmicks we do. It takes careful balancing to let enemies use the same weapons that the player does without causing issues, and given all the crazy stuff weapons in this series can do, I don’t see this being something that would be fair. After all, how fair would it be if an enemy could spawn with a Norfleet? Before you can realize what they have, you die, even though you have full health and shields. You get no chance to actually deal with them; they just look at you and you die. Now imagine every enemy in the game having that potential.

I get the desire to have more of a challenge, but there’s a difference between ‘more challenging’ and ‘outright unfair’, and a lot of the stuff the weapons we have can do would fall clearly into the ‘outright unfair’ category if it was used against us.

They can already spawn with anything that can world drop. Why not throw a very rare norfleet spawn into the mix? You’d just have to try harder to kill said enemy

As I understand the system, they don’t actually spawn with the weapon; the game just drops some loot from the appropriate loot pools when they die. I’ve never seen an enemy who dropped a Tediore weapon do a reload throw, and I’ve never seen any enemy fire a Flakker. Otherwise, we’d get things like Gettle or Mobly using the Lyuda/White Nail and Veruc on us.

What issues, this is not a game where dying is a big deal. Rather, if enemies drops guns they’re using like in BL1, then getting wrecked would be no less exciting, knowing that you can get your hands on the gun that is wrecking you.

Depends on the game. You’re correct in BL2, but in BL1 they do drop what they were carrying.
Full developer explanation for all the arcania of loot drops;
Key quote;
“In Borderlands 1 the weapons the enemy could drop used the same item pool as the weapons they would shoot. This design resulted in that cool feeling of seeing an enemy use an interesting weapon and you could kill him and collect his weapon to use as your own.”

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They can. Search for “Goliath Blaster with norfleet” and you’ll find many citations and videos.

And even if it’s not a Norfleet, Blasters and Heavy’s in UVHM spawn with hellaciously powerful rocket launchers.
I agree one might want to restrict this in NVHM, but TVHM and UVHM (or whatever they end up calling it) all things are fair, the player is asking for a challenge.


Never seen one with norfleets, but one time the Goliath blaster above the black queen bombarded me with nukems, during tubby farming.
Unfortunately, the black queen did not drop one for my efforts.


Only guns that can be world dropped can be used by enemies by what i understand. Nukem, badaboom, e-tech launchers etc

I hope they handle common enemy drops like they did in BL1 where they’d normally drop what they were using. And go further than the guns but also the shield and grenades as well and have a random enemy throw something like a Bonus Package at you or having that 1 enemy that just doesn’t seem to be taking damage because they’re wearing a high % Sham, etc…


I hope the enemies in BL3 can hurt us even more in the very same way we do them. Tit for tat can improve immersion a little.