New Weapons or Abilities

Hello, I am kinda new to Beta Testing and am really excited to get to try out this game and figure some stuff out. So first of all from what I have played so far, the shotgun seems extremely useless. I think what might help is an accuracy improvement. Another thing that might be interesting is adding a melee button similar to most FPS games such as COD or Overwatch to allow some close combat or maybe even a sword. Sorry, it was just something I was thinking about.

The shotgun should be used as a finisher

That’s rather silly considering how powerful shotguns are in general. Realistically, a single shotgun blast from 15 feet away should instantly kill people. I know this is a game, so realism isn’t paramount, but having a shotgun not be viable except as a finisher breaks with 25 years of FPS tradition.

Except it doesn’t break tradition. The Shotgun has always been used as a finisher since the beginning of arena shooters (Which it seems this game wants to be).

I’m not saying that the shotgun can only be used as a finisher, I am simply saying that is where it is most effective. OP said that it was useless so I argued that it’s not by saying it’s good when used as a finisher.

It is actuallyt exceptionally useful being a complete instakill at close range with 10x 10 dmg for a 100 dmg instakill.

Have to agree with LeBubble on this one, the shotgun if used appropriately, can absolutely annihilate a player in one shot. Which has happened to me on multiple occasions by those who knew how to take advantage of that. Mostly I think this is a discussion of expectations of what shotguns do in other games, and how they can be used in this game. It’s kind of just adapting to see how it works here as opposed to thinking it’s supposed to work the same way as it does there. If that analogy makes any sense…