New (well, recent) Character select screen issues

Got some questions about what actually is happening in there, cuz after a month of research I still have no idea.

  1. What’s with this additional timer feature. What are the condition for it to trigger, and why one can’t revert one’s selection during that “Second Wind” of Character select?

  2. Character picking section has this three buttons. But how in earth any new player will know which does what if they’re unsigned? It used to be that all Character Select buttons were signed, why not anymore?

  3. There is this character pick confirmation pop-up. And there is this problem of mine with it - it doesn’t show up every time, sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. Anyone have idea what is causing that? Also at times I get to pick character that is right next to that that I’ve actually clicked (I select with a mouse cursor). Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Somehow, since around Winter Update I get this weird display of player Command Rank in the some of the player’ 'preview window - it’s not being displayed. Like at all, no number just blank space. Is it normal?

  5. Minor, and hardly an issue, but: whenever matchmaking fails due to other team being incomplete first there is this irritating moment of Character picking not being available (so everyone think’s it’s a glitch), then my team gets instant victory and menu character reverts to default Mellka. Why is this happening?

  6. Also, at times there are no characters being diplayed on the VS screen.

    A server issues?

Nah, just Battleborn features.

All jokes aside. Yeah. These problems are pretty common, annoying, but not game-breaking at least.

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There’s a time in which you can change your character selection as you see who your other team members pick; in the second phase you can do skins etc. but not change character. Not entirely sure what the reason is, but it may be to accommodate pick/ban draft mode?

Because someone disconnected on one of the teams during character selection. Since that effectively locks out confirming your choice of character, when the game kicks back to the lobby you no longer have a character “selected”, so the game picks the default initial display character (Melka from the prologue).

The other stuff I assume is mostly hiccups between server and client within the PC side of things.

Yeah, jokes aside…you haven’t seen my performance as “accidental” Galilea :frowning:


The first phase is for picking a character, the second phase is for picking a taunt, loadout, and skin.

It would be stressful if you went in with your Shield Pen loadout instead of your regular loadout if someone last-minute switched from Kleese to Montana.

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The character select has become a bit of a pain on PC. They said they’re looking at it at least.

Number 5 is irritating. Having to wait for all those timers to have the match end… Ugh. I know it’s meant to be there to let the player come back, but if they aren’t there by the time the timer ends, just end the match. Having to load in too to finally get that match cancelled… I already wasted like 10+ minutes in queue, at least make this a little easier.

Also, Retro’s rank is around 120 I think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Haha

Hmm looking over the comments I believe there is one more " phase" that is being missed. The first phase is not technically selection phase. There is a brief character select loading phase. During said phase you are unable to choose your character however you can select a dimmed out image of that character.

My guess is this phase is there so it gives everyone a fair shake at getting a character they want by delaying picking till everyone has loaded while still giving those loaded and waiting a way to give their team a heads up of their interest or… kleese what do they call it? Ah yes dibs! Call dibs on a character. Then there is the selection and reselection phase then the loadout phase… which i wish on console they let you see the names of the items(some times i get confused which is bola and which is like shard)

I’ve only noticed that when someone disconnected just before character selection started.