New youtuber trying to make build guides and farming videos

Hi everyone my name is Thomas, and pretty new to these forums. I was going to just get a general opinion on what kind of battleborn videos the fans would like to see on youtube that may not be out there. I am currently working on in depth build and tactic guides and have already posted some on here and to my channel. I would love to make videos for people who are new to the game, or are getting used to the genre. Even if your not new we can always learn from each other. I am making this post in hopes that you all will check out my channel and subscribe to it, but more importantly is the knowledge I may gain by knowing what people want to see.

I currently have made build guides for Phoebe, Oscar Mike, El Dragon, Attikus, and I am working on farming strategies for mission on advanced hardcore to get some of the best legendaries so I can do more advanced builds. If you want to check my channel out here is the link:
Any subscribers and likes on the channel will help me stay motivated and also any constructive criticism is welcome.

Let me know what you all want to see and I will make it happen. IF you do subscribe thanks in advance, it would be amazing to get help from this awesome community!

TG Smooth OUT!!!

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I also upload to youtube (a hobby mostly) and have been thinking about this- when they posted the battle school stuff i figured videos on certain characters would not be unwelcome, as you have done, but feel free to run with some of my other ideas, which i may never get to and don’t care if others do it:

i have some of my videos on my hd saved as WNTD…“what not to do” when i or someone in the match does something so foolhardy that a lesson or joke needs to be made from it :stuck_out_tongue:

ive thought about posting pve solo runs as different characters to show how its done, or even two man (for those couch coops) runs.

while i was at it, why not, 3, 4 and 5 man runs? i need to go through my videos and add the # of players in each run to see if i can make videos of them.

why not a video talking about the quick kill timer, and the scores earned from each enemy in each level? optimal teams for getting gold, etc.

i could go on, but those are all things that i think the community would find useful and engaging if done correctly. :slight_smile:

Thanks I just made a video last night on how to easily beat the saboteur on advanced hardcore so people can grind it for legendaries. I know I struggled at first with this mission and defending the last core but we ran it 5-6 times last night with 3-4 people. I personally would love to have the boots of the brute for my melee classes, but you only get it from the last boss. But I like your idea of what not to do videos I think I could manage those. The thing with missions is they take awhile and for me to render a 1080 p video that is 30 minutes I’m looking at 4 hours of rendering time X(. Thank you for the positive input I will certainly look into your ideas. What’s the name on your channel I’ll check it out.

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I’m NatsumeRyu everywhere. :slight_smile:
I feel you on rendering times, though mine aren’t nearly as long (i find 720p is fine, and my pc, even though it’s old, was built for this so it’s not bad), when you throw in editing it can be a long job. I’ve long since tried to record videos to reduce editing/rendering times, LOL.

Editing is important if you want to be pro though, I only do it as a hobby, so I can get away with sloppy vids, lol.

Right some videos require me to do voice overs and edit out the game sound and party chat. I can’t for the love of me play and explain in depth what the hell I’m doing but I think I am going to aim more for that approach. I have an I7 processor and just 16 gb ram I didn’t want to go all out at first and decide down the road I didn’t want to do youtube and waste all that money on a computer of that caliber.