New Zane Barrier Bug with Projector shields?

Hey Zaniacs,

I’m noticing something odd but can’t seem to isolate it. When I am using a shield with the “Crouching projects your shield forward, gaining +20% damage reduction” more stuff seems to hit me than not.

For example, the Frostbite heavies, when they fire their ice projectiles, not the balls that spawn pools of cryo damage, but the spiky balls, they normally bounce off my barrier without a problem. In fact, I really only have to worry about standing in a pool of cryo for too long or a heavy jumping on my head. But if I’m crouching, with that particular style of shield, I take damage from the solid cryo projectiles.

Has anyone else noticed something similar? I’ll try to get some footage, but the heavies don’t follow directions very well.

Well, that’s not surprising. I mean, you are literally putting your shield outside the barrier, so of course stuff is gonna hit it.

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That doesn’t make sense. The barrier should still protect me, regardless of the shield. But it’s actually letting more stuff in.

Well if you project your shield outside of the barrier it gets rekt. Your health should be safe though.

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Oh of course.

It seemed like I was taking health damage as well in some of the fights. But I’m using a Fronter Loader shield with the +150% rad if under 50% health, so it’s difficult to pin down where/when exactly I’m taking health damage, as it seems to drop me to FFYL if an enemy sneezes at me with the shield down.

I’ll do some more testing in a better-controlled setting and update if anything is particular. But I suspect now that the health damage and the shield issue aren’t related as I had first thought.

Thanks all.

Hm, it might, though. If you crouch with a projecting frontloader your self inside the bubble are left with like 6k life? Any little elemental pit will probably kill you.

Projector is bad, especially running a frontloader where you only have 4,7k HP. Like @Superfr34k said, an enemy sneezes on you, the splash damage will instantly drop you. Just hopefully they are practicing social distancing and wearing a mask, but that still won’t help against elemental pools, or a rocket.

I’ve noticed that’s not the best. Unfortunately its the one I have until a better Front Loader drops for me.

You could switch to another shield like a radiation old god or transformer with a deathless artifact for the time while you’re searching for a better frontloader.

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That’s a good idea. I’ll see if I have one with a good prefix. 1 hp or 7k, not much difference at M10, outside of a low level DOT. And I can get my Transformer back for use with the OPQ. Though I suspect the 150% rad will still do me in if I’m too close.