New Zane com scaling

I did some testing yesterday hoping up and down in front of the dummy with an unforgiven hitting body shots. The 40% damage increase for a jump is conditional on how high you are when the bullet hits. The damage I was getting was all over the place.

I switched to a slide and then the damage was more reliable, but I am not a fan of having to slide to get more damage, it’s too clunky for me.

If someone can confirm this I think it would be helpful. I switched to another com with 25% weapon damage and three points in synchronicity and it was better and more reliable damage than the new com.


I hope that isn’t the case. That sounds dumb in 99% of content. Only the launch pads in the Wotan fight would be where it shines.

are not those same for gun dmg and accuracy buffs lol imagine getting accuray buff when mid air for sniper, neat!

In saying this since this utter sh1t patch is up. This mod is too much inconsistent and having syncronicity at +8/+10 is still the best dmg boost

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Donnybrook is new damage king in town.

The com only gives a 40% dmg increase and 20% damage reduction while sliding/jumping. No accuracy bonus. In other words I was jumping trying to hit the target while trying to time my shots so they were all hitting at the same height of the jump and it was a mess. If it’s confirmed that the damage scales up to 40% only when you hit the peak of your jump that’s downright mean to Zane players.

i never thought it was a good idea to begin with pushing for this sliding hopping zane is dogsh1t

how about a critical hits playing dirty com? oh wait it is executor and it does not take us to glorious heights. if critical hit aiming is not rewarded i do not care about that kind of play style at all they can keep putting as gimmicky annointments and coms for zane as they want


I am thinking of switching to a clone/CCC/cryo terror build to test Donnybrook and double barrel. The antifreeze mod won’t be part of it for sure.

Totally agree with you.

I used to put 8/5 in playing dirty.

Now I just put 5/5 and pop both AS’s and the 50% Playing Dirty will proc.

Donnybrook with DFC gives 37.5 damage and 6.25 health regeneration with 5 points.

I am running a purple cmod with +3 in Donny that gives me 60% damage and 10% health regen. I would love to find a +5.

Donny scales a little better than Synchronicity because of DFC.

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… No. The speed is varying your damage because of violent momentum.


You move faster on your descent because of gravity. I noticed this during my first, very long boss fight against Traunt on M4 with a Shrieking Devil.

If you shoot on the way up at the beginning of the jump you’ll do the least amount of damage and you’ll do the most reliable damage the moment after you start to drop. Since you can’t alter your jump height in any reliable way, it’s pretty dumb.

The fact that I know this is also pretty dumb considering getting damage shouldn’t be this hard or inconsistent.

Most Zane’s use their “speed build” to strafe gently back and forth for the default 30% damage boost…except Samm. Samm slides.


Ok, that explains it. I assumed the speed up and down was constant - didn’t dawn on me about the gravity. Lol, Rhys even points it out during skywell.

Your points hit it on the mark though. Inconsistent and unsatisfying.

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Unfortunately I LOVE jumping and sliding almost as much as @sammantixbb.

I played John Woo’s Stranglehold based off of the movie Hard Boiled, The Specialist, and Max Payne and loved jumping and diving and sliding in all of them.

The sliding and jumping mechanics in BL3 just don’t seem geared towards combat. They are usable in combat but they didn’t make much of an effort to make it fluid, which makes basing a VHer around it a weird and difficult task.


In my experience, the worst part about sliding is that you need to be a certain speed, it can be stopped by slowing, you end in a crawl, and you don’t always know whether it will work/is still in effect.


You also can’t slide with certain weapons like charge weapons. If you charge beforehand you are slowed to a crawl and cannot slide. If you slide before you have to slide far/long enough and release the trigger at the perfect time to charge and shoot and get the bonus damage.

If you fail you wasted 3-5 seconds doing nothing while moving helpless towards the enemy. Cryo single handedly counters the movespeed build and Zane’s tankiness comes from CC/crowd control/sustained damage and not anything moving related. Since Like a Ghost is terrible, running directly at the enemy for damage is extremely dangerous. Since his base damage is lower and he requires accuracy to do the most amount of damage, it further gimps the playstyle.


I’m not against sliding/ airborne (actually use it a lots in any game that has it). But you need to be at a certain distance with the target to make use of it while also reducing your accuracy. Adding more conditional damage buffs is the last thing Zane need. Not like sliding in this game is smooth anyway. So I think it should’ve been a tactical maneuver instead of a damage increase mechanism.


Playing Dirty double stack % chance now?

No, but I used to alternate action skills to keep kill skills up. With the stacking, especially with Donnybrook I will use both AS at same
time to get two stacks asap.

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I suspect there is a certain way skills involving movement speed, sliding and airborne work that would explain inconsistencies.

I think the game might log your MS/airborne/slide values in, let’s say’ past 1 second and calculate average value.

For example:
-1.0 second: not airborne (0)
-0.8 seconds: not airborne (0)
-0.6 seconds: airborne (1)
-0.4 seconds: airborne (1)
-0.2 seconds: airborne (1)

Then, current Antifreeze bonus = 40% * 3/5 = 24%.