New Zer0 player, looking for help

Hi guys, long time lurker here and first time poster. I usually use Maya or Sal, so as you may imagine Zer0 is proving a little trickier due to the increased skill required with him. However I do love the idea of melee Zer0, and have seen already how effective it can be.

I’m just about to run up to Saturn, story-wise, currently level 48 (almost 49). My build so far is this:

Using Law and Order, Bloodied Ninja COM for +4 to backstab and +5 to Resurgence, and a cooldown relic. I have a level 42 storm front but it’s homing so currently have a 0.0 fuse Lobbed Tesla on him. Just looking for some general tips on if that build looks idiotic to experienced Zer0 players, and where my next points should go!

Thanks in advance, I love the work you guys do here.

Welcome to the forum!
Skills look good. Maybe go and get yourself a (slag) Rapier from the Captain Scarlet DLC. 200% Melee will help. As well as a RPG for FFYL moments (Saturn’s turrets are easy to take out for this).


Thanks for the tips, yeah I was meaning to go and get a rapier, but I didn’t want to overlevel myself before UVHM, what i’ll probably do is go and get one on my Maya in TVHM so it’s level 50, pretty sure I didn’t do the dlc on TVHM. Would you recommend any particular RL? Maybe a Badaboom because of the spread vs Saturn?

im currently a level 50 Zer0 and I dn’t have the upgrade packs,only the 2 dlc’s. In my opinion when I got the evisceration Rubi and Love thumper the Law and Order combo got redundant due to the massive health boost from the rubi.

A good launcher would be the Nukem IMO due to the large splash damage(works on all badasses). I saved aloot of tokens for it in Torgues Campaign of carnage. Ive farmed and farmed still no Norfleet

Also if you get the Rubi(Evisceration) you wont need to put any points in resurgence. The health gain is waaaaaay to high to even bother wasting points in that skill. Try myLevel 50 build which I run currently. I didn’t put points in counter strike because @ level 50 your pretty badass without the extra counter strike damage, but if you want to put it in, de-point Rising shot for it.


Many thanks for the tips. I will try it out for sure, unfortunately I do use an Evisceration Rubi, so I can try that out right away. One question, if i’m using MMF, would Like The Wind be a sensible thing to spec into instead of resurgence? Since you’re always moving when in deception, I was thinking maybe that would be a good place to move those points?

I have maximum Torgue tokens on my Maya so I can farm a level 50 Nukem with her, good tip!

Honestly Ive been playing Borderlands 2 for 3 years now and didn’t know how useful some weapons were until I found this forum…its insane. Someone told me that LTW only procs during execute if you hold the forward button when Executing. I actually have to try this myslef i put points in be like water because my rubi is a slag evisceration, so I shoot-> deception->Execute-> Shoot etc

Try it out see if LTW works whiles executing in MMF.

I used a method when In pyro petes bar I joined a second character whiles I did the Bar room brawl so I get twice the tokens on both characters so I can buy another legendary when I purchase items at the vendor. Thats how I got my first Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold, actually bought the Stiff one first until a friend told me that the DP is the best…

You can farm the machine without spending any as well, but i’m guessing you knew that. I’ll try LTR shortly and post back my findings :smile:

Even go back to normal mode to get yourself one. It’s really only good for the melee.

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Good plan, hadn’t thought of that. Pretty sure I haven’t touched dlc on this character.

Saturn is kicking my ass, I have crappy weapons because i’m melee, got love thumper and bladed rubi and I almost had him but I couldn’t find anything to get second winds from when I fired my rockets.

Changed things and got b0re, now i’m struggling to find his sweet spot, any tips?

Try to flank Saturn and hit his thigh turret. Try to hit the turret right at the base of it (where it meets the Leg).

Edit: Thigh and shoulder turrets you should aim for if going into FFYL.

Thanks, I killed him in what could possibly be the most long winded fight i’ve ever had in this game, he got stuck the other side of the bridge (ground level) and all he kept doing was those missile things that look like mini planes.the left side of the building with the red chest on top of next to the ammo chest, I could hit him but he couldn’t hit me, so I cheesed it.

Just got through Hero’s Pass, somehow.

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Resurgence and MMF work very well together for your health regeneration.

I feel your pain (no pain, no gain)! Just keep at it. I think Melee Zero is the most rewarding because of how you have to constantly “stay on your toes”.

Yeah, I find myself dying quite a bit and mumbling things like “this guy sucks”, then I remember that I have had things pretty easy with my favourite characters Maya and Sal, both make the game easy for different reasons, I decided no! He doesn’t suck, I suck. Just beat Warrior after the most lengthy run up Hero’s Pass I’ve ever done. Feels like hard work but I just want to max him so I can be powerful Zer0 :slight_smile:



Your build is good. A typical level 59 melee (Ninja) Zer0 looks like this:

Keep in mind that you will outlevel your Order shield quickly, meaning you lose that awesome health recovery.

Law remains a very good melee weapon, regardless.

Depending on your ability to farm quests, you can obtain the Evisceration Rubi, which makes Resurgence meaningless. I believe the Grog Nozzle does the same (Tiny Tina’s DLC).

I don’t use the Order shield because I don’t like getting used to that health recovery.

Check in with us again when you’ve hit UVHM.

Good luck, keep stabbing.

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@ThatBabyStealingDing is right about resurgence. The health gain from the rubi is super high making resurgence redundant. I put points in BLW and LTW. I like how Zer0 works wonders with the love thumper. when I first got the shield I was Like this is insane and completely useless and sold it :joy:
Another tip for the rubi combo is to get any DoT grenade top gain health whiles melee-ing enemies.

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Here is a great post by Altair:

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