Newb question 101 help

So i got this baddass game for $5 a month ago and have hit 50 and have recently picked up the ultimate pack’s. So the question is what dlc’s should I pick up first, not looking to get the season pass just what I can when I can. any tip/tricks for a newbie is much appreciated

i recommend the pack, as each dlc has something awesome to offer. but if nothing else, get Tina’s.

Thank’s I got both the upgrade pack’s and I have had my eye on Tina’s dlc ( my last $10 GC won’t cover the tax) hehe guess i have to wait till tommrow just had to get 2 friend’s the game aswell…should have been greedy QQ

i meant the season pass.

Love the pass but it’s not in the wallet atm just went back to my school schedule so a little here and there I will have it

I think everyone here will tell you pretty much every DLC is worth getting.

They are all worth getting.

Even Hammerlock’s, despite the hate it seems to get in the community, because it gives you awesome gear (rough rider, for instance) and is the only source of a high level interfacer.

The 4 campaign DLCS are awesome. Tina and Torgues are my favorites and I definitely recommend those.

The headhunter packs are hit or miss but I recommend the Mercenary Day one for great farming and I really like the raid boss fight in Son of Crawmerax.

Headhunter 3 and 5 as they are very cheap and good.
The first offers the best chest in the game which is generally fun to loot (on UVHM at least) with a rather silly story set in a beautiful snowy map.
The other is just filled with content despite the small price. Massive map filled with several types of enemies, several quests, funny callbacks to the original Borderlands and a very well designed boss and his raid version with a small armory to boot.
The only big downside is that no Headhunter DLCs offer any new guns, only the four big ones and both Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Packs do (by extension).

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Without a doubt, Tiny Tina’s DLC. The best storytelling coupled with the fun fights and most amusing enemies.

Must have’s…Tina Tina’s. Great/must have gear. Great story.

I have played ENTIRE GAMES that are not as good as Dragon Keep. ( like Dishonored. Bought it, played it, beat it…will never touch it again.)

Marcus’s Mercenary Day, because…LOOT TRAIN! In UVHM, the gear levels with you ( be careful in the other two modes, it doesn’t). Never run short of cash or decent gear again.

Captain Scarlette… only to be able to use Sandhawk & Pimpernel. My least favorite “must have”.

…and NO…not all DLC’s are worth it.

Let’s not forget the Halloween themed one and the Wattle Gobbler. They certainly aren’t worth the cash, time or effort unless you want to unlock the heads ( not missing anything there ) and
for some inexplicable reason you feel the need to put bullets into things you haven’t put bullets into before.

thank you xD

much appreciated

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you should get turkey day just for grandma torgue. and i liked the halloween one.

^This. If you can’t afford the season pass, hold off on the DLCs until you can and, meanwhile, get one or two of the head hunter packs. The two mentioned here are also my personal favourites.

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can’t wait loading it up now xD

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