Newbie : advice?

should i hold rmb when shooting ? any advice is appreciated; should i ‘invite’ a friend ? (i don’t have any yet); lvl 3 ; thanks


Welcone to the forum. I assume the right mouse button is fire. If so, the answer to your question kind of depends on the currently equipped weapon. Jakobs guns are all semi-automatic so you have to click every time you want to throw a bullet at something, Vladof is always full auto, Dahl burst fire when zoomed (assault rifles and smgs are full auto when not zoomed, snipers and pistols are semi), Bandit is fully auto, Torgue is automatic, Maliwan is automatic except for snipers. The difference between all of the autos is fire rate, and the different toons have skills that have the potential to increase it. The only real question is recoil, which has an effect on your accuracy during sustained fire, and the best way to find your tolerance is to muck about with every gun you find until you know how you feel about the way they handle.
If the right mouse button is aiming down sights rhe answer is also subjective. I do it a lot, but it hampers movement and therefore reaction time, so a quick ADS to deliver a burst is probably a good starting point depending on your FPS experience.

On your first playthrough experimentation is my recommendation. You’ll find you like some manufacturers better than others, and as you get more hours in (don’t know how many I have but I suspect it’s a four digit number) your preferences may change. Which toon did you start with?


paulothead: thanks ! i love nyc ! any advice would be appreciated; looking for friends to invite: how can i find friends to invite ? thanks

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There’s the folks here :

But many of those posts are old. I would be wary of co-oping with random people. Some do weird things with their game that can infect yours. Put your name up on that board, and stick around here. Get to know folks - we’re a great community!

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It also improves accuracy - you’ll find it works best to quickly ADS (aim down sights), shoot, then zoom out.


You’re on PC, yes? If you post in the appropriate section you’ll find plenty of folks to play with here.

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You might find this helpful as well:

And when you’re starting to think more about your skill tree build, there’s lots of good advice in the relevant character sections - check out the pinned Community Resources guide at the top of each listing for links.


thanks ! i keep getting killed: how can i get killed less? crouch? at lvl 4: can i set the game difficulty to easy ? i heard the game difficulty is locked for a while; when i am dying i can’t move fast enough to do melee (v) with the enemy ? thanks

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You are on the easiest difficulty for now. The enemies will get stronger as you progress through the game. To aid in dying less stay behind cover if possible and pick your shots carefully. Try to hit enemies in their critical spots for increased damage - the head is usually where you want :slight_smile:

If you go down to your knees (Fight For Your Life, FFYL) just pick the weakest enemy and shoot like your life depends on it since it does. Dying has minimal penalty with the enemies simply regaining full health while you lose a little cash.

Also keep moving and just play more - you’ll get a feel for it soon enough :slight_smile:


thanks ! i’m doing a mission and i didn’t turn in 2 completed missions: should i turn in my 2 completed missions, then go back to the current mission ? thanks


If it’s currently convinient I’d recommend it - you’ll gain some extra XP and likely a weapon as the reward - might help you hit a bit harder! :slight_smile:


What @Psymonkee said - you get a lot of XP for turning missions in (relative to your character level and the mission level when you accept it), which is the fastest way to level up. Levelling up increases your base health and puts you closer to unlocking your action skill, which will help you survive better.

I’d suggest reading the section on combat in the guide I linked for you, just so you have a better idea of how combat works in this game. Crouching can help (especially if it puts you partially behind cover), but it also slows your movement speed drastically.


Your VH won’t unlock their AS (Action Skill) untill they hit 5th level so try to play it safe and get a hang of the combat for now- use cover, retreat, throw grenades- everything. While your AS will greatly change how the game is played still be cautious- the duration usually isn’t long and the cool down time for some of them can be quite long (Gaige and Axton particularly). Good luck, have fun and welcome to the forums! :grinning:


Welcome @qmuddy2 :hugs::hugs:


Thinking back to the time when this game was new, and I was doing my first playthroughs… What made the game challenging for me was that I didn’t know how the enemies spawned or how they behaved. In time, you will have this knowledge, and this will make things a lot easier.

The Jakobs sniper you get, if you turn the mission “Bad hair day” in to sir Hammerlock is very useful. It allows you to maintain a certain distance to the enemies. Keeping distance is not only useful for avoiding damage, but it’s also useful because enemies spawn in waves. If you simply rush in, you risk having all of them spawning on top of you. Sniping is good on any character in the early levels of the game.

Shoot them!


And don’t forget that a weapon swap is faster than a reload!