Newbie help , again

I was told that Borderlands Handsome collection could be played on my Xbox 360.
I bought the game and it doesn’t load.
Tells me to eject.
Also I asked if I need internet to play the game…
I don’t have internet.

The Handsome Collection was made for the newer consoles only. So whoever told you that was wrong, unfortunately :confused:
You can still play TPS and BL2 on the 360. You just need to purchase the discs that are compatible with that specific console.

OK , thanks.
If I get a Xbox one do I have to have internet to play this game or transfer my saved progress for Borderlands 2 that is on my Xbox 360

Re: internet requirements

Yes, you need internet access, both the 360 and the XB1, and an XBox Live account for this.

In theory no, although obviously you’d be only playing solo local games (no co-op.) In practice, if you’d bought the disc-based version of the game, you’d want the latest title update at least (a one-time download). There’s also the current hotfix, which needs to be downloaded every time you launch the game. And you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of SHiFT codes without an internet connection.

For more details on transferring your saves from 360 to XB1, look in the News section for the specific post on cross-save functionality before you attempt the transfer.

Edit: here’s the link…

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What I bought is the disc version Borderlands Handsome collection.
But if I get a xb1 , would I still need to have internet? ???
I know I would be playing solo and miss out on some codes.

I’m not sure about the details - I bought the digital version of the HC when it went on sale recently. I do know that both games I have on disc for XB1 required massive downloads before they could be played.

Maybe one of the other regulars knows - @LunaticOne: did you do digital or disc for HC?

I do know you’d need internet to transfer your saves from 360 though, and you can only do them one at a time through the in-game menus.

@VaultHunter101 I am the one who mentioned this :pensive: , sorry it was a mix of bad searching, Intel, and thinking that I had seen something like that for the 360, so talkingbullkdh may understandably not trust anything that I say.

that being said @VaultHunter101 I have the Disc and you have explained exactly what needs done. You do need the internet + Shift to transfer your saves, otherwise you are starting new. You do not need the internet to play the game IMO, but you do if you want your saves transferred.

not sure how, where the saves are stored but may be able to take both Xboxes to a friends house with internet, hook them up, get a shift account (free) and transfer the saves that way, again this IMO and just not sure if it would work.

I wonder if a flash drive could be used.??

The answer to that, at least, is “No”. Both BL2 and TPS rely on cloud save/sync to transfer the saves from 360 to XB1.