Newbie lv.48+- tvhm (atm) question

i love zer0 gameplay have someplan about future build already check master list but not sure which one suit me

  1. i love Sand Hawk + DPUH . will this BUILD work ? good for uvhm/ op ?

  2. if that good what sniper i should pick . i heard pimpernels bad with Velocity or it still best sniper ?

  3. one shot one skill . just get first dmg passive or always reload ? (like when snipe)

  4. if i gonna use pimpernels i have to remember all sweet spot ?

  5. two fang good with sand hawk + dpuh ? or i should go another ?

many thank <3

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  1. Looks fine. I’d personally throw the Fearless points into Unforeseen but it’s just fine if you don’t like it.

  2. Pimpernel is tricky with high velocity. I guess you can make it work at least some of the time even with 5/5 as some people seem to be able to. I’m not a fan of that myself.

  3. You don’t have At One With The Gun so unless you have Killer active I wouldn’t reload too much because it’s quite slow.

  4. No. They aren’t really something you can remember anyway besides they change if you spec velocity. Just aim directly below the enemys crit spot. The more velocity you have to lower you need to go and that’s it.

  5. Two fang is good with those guns. You might want to take a look at Hard Unkempt Harold (or maybe even Crammed) instead of Double Penetrating but I guess that’s up to preference once again.

Also : Kill Confirmed is a mostly pointless skill. It’s intended to go along with One Shot One Kill to one-shot an opponent with, say, a Muckamuck, but you can rarely play so slowly. I’ll put a single point if I’m using the L Sniper but don’t really expect anything of it.

And Pimpernel and Velocity. Just confirming it’s a bad idea. Some people make a point of doing it for fun, but it’s not advisable until you really have a good handle on the gun. Even then…
Test it out for yourself though. Shoot it at the ground with no Velocity and see how far the pellets flower outward. Then add one point at a time and see how it expands. At 10/5 they fly several hundred meters.

Alternatives are numerous : Lyuda is arguably more powerful, Muckamuck, Skullmasher, Amigo, Droog, Longbow, etc.

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