[Newbie][Normal Mode] I need advices on Krieg Builds for Pseudo-Solo & Coop Plays

(Carlton Slayer) #37

Constructors are a pain but their crit spot is their eye- if you can maintain fire on that it should help you hurry them to their end. A.O.E. grenades, especially corrosive ones, are also a great help. IIRC constructors don’t hold slag so go with the highest damaging corrosive or n.e. weapon you have, try to avoid their missile barrages and if you can find a spot to safely snipe them from try that as well. It’s not so much your character levels but your weapon levels that matter right now. I know if you were higher level you could use higher level weapons but even at level 72 you will still find enemies that can reach level 75 so now is a good time to work out your strategies for dealing with such foes. Good luck…:grinning:

(Cast Iron Chef) #38

Don’t forge the golden chest in Sanctuary will always give you on-level loot, so spend those keys to keep your equipment up to par.

(Vault Hunter, Guide, Forum Dad) #39

You’ll gain at least one level during the final stage of that mission. If it was me, I’d do a side quest or something to get 1 more level, then as @Gulfwulf suggested hit the golden chest to see if it will roll some nice corrosive weaponry - you’re going to need it.

Whether or not you need more levels depends a bit on your gear - good blue/purple/orange gear can carry you against progressively harder enemies. Sounds like you’re mostly doing fine, so I wouldn’t sweat it too much. If you really find you’re in over your hear, save/qui/restart and farm some XP for a while.

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Melee Krieg has a little trouble with Constructors sometimes as they don’t take slag, or if they do it’s not for long. You can’t just stand next to them as they have that jump AOE attack, and they resist explosive damage so throwing axes at them is a slow process. Some time of corrosive sniper to pop into the eye is my go-to usually. At higher levels that would be a corrosive pimpernel of course, with it’s additional projectiles all going into the eye, but a good normal, hopefully purple, Vladorf of any variant will be good with its fast fire rate. Something like a corrosive droog could prove to be useful. You seem on a good pace to end the main story around Level Fifty, so just keep at it, you could even take a little time to get a level or two as you are slightly ahead of pace at the moment. You’ve done great dealing with enemies five levels above you at times.

(jeof96) #41

Thanks for the tips.

Man I wanna cry, because I only have 5 keys left, lol. I went greedy on the box after I got RTB at Lv31.


EDIT: yeah I’ve used all possible Shift Code Golden Keys. Almost 50% of the time I get Handguns which I don’t use. I’ve seen mentions of Unkempt Harold, but idk if it’s worth farming atm.

Is there some chest I can repeatedly loot at my level? I may need a corrosive Sniper as you suggested.

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@CountKarloff to the rescue!

The easiest one to get to would be the one at Blake’s Bridge, although it might be a bit under-levelled until you complete TVHM. There’s another one in Sanctuary Hole you could try (but you need to go up to the Sugar Shack and turn the electrical fence off first). You could also check out the ones in The Dust to see if they’ve levelled up with the map at all. Most of the ones at your current mission level are actually going to be after you get through the first area of the WEP (don’t forget to take and keep open Doctor’s Orders so you can hit those loot midgets a few times as well.)

(jeof96) #43

Just some thoughts…

I have always wondered how will a Krieg fare into OP8 both solo and coop(w/ Maya & Gaige)…

(Cast Iron Chef) #44

He’s great with a healer Maya. Gaige…not so much if she’s specced into BSS.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #45

DT usually tries to recharge the Rough Rider.
Nuff said xD

(Carlton Slayer) #46

I think you might mean Buck Up- BSS only affects Gaige herself…:slight_smile:

(Cast Iron Chef) #47

No, I meant BSS because it means she’s in direct competition with Krieg for kills. :stuck_out_tongue:

(jeof96) #48


So I’m now in Arid Nexus. I don’t have any problems for the moment, but I need to rethink if my Shield is still sufficient. I’m still using the Rough Rider Lv35 I got in NVHM.

I’m Level 49 right now, because I helped some random guy with Terramorphous. about 25% is left blank on the XP gain UI.

Is it okay to get an updated Rough Rider from the DLC right now?

EDIT: I just remembered Saturn will be appearing on this stage. Oh god…

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #49

Big tip for Saturn - RUN! Kite him into jumping down and go up on the lift as he does this. Use RtB to escape for cover, mash the enemies on the walkway and run straight inside the info stockade. Cheap as hell but it works!

My preferred relics for RR Krieg is usually a resistance relic to give a little more survivability.

Also I saw of your constructor troubles - through to level 72 I find on level weapons (I really like Torgue Shotguns for this) in the eye at point blank is a winner! Rush them and try and take a couple of swings at their eye in RtB, take a knee in front of them and use the bloodlust stacks to let you fire 7 - 10 times from a Torgue shotty! If you get to the point of reloading switch to your next gun and repeat!

(Cast Iron Chef) #50

Ayup. Whenever you feel the health boost isn’t enough, go get another.

(jeof96) #51

I just finished TVHM.

lol, it went easier than expected. And thanks for the Saturn tip, it really helped!

I’m now level 50. Since I got the GOTY version, I’m only missing Upgrade Pack 2, plus all the other Head Hunter Packs.

I’ll probably purchase UP2 later.

How are the Head Hunter Packs?

EDIT: Should I farm a Slagga in TVHM or is it more desirable to head into UVHM ASAP?

(Carlton Slayer) #52

Depends- if you just want to slag with the Slagga the one you have should be fine (and since it is a world drop you could- rarely- get it from other sources). If you want to kill things with it I’d suggest doing the farming in UVHM when it can be on level…

(jeof96) #53

Ok. I’ll probably get the Slagga in UVHM.

Speaking of shields, I forgot to mention that I got a Level 50 Bee Shield from farming RR by the Bullymongs there.

Should I give to my Maya or Gaige friend?

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #54

Give it to someone else
Bee doesn’t work pretty well with Krieg

(jeof96) #55

Yep, I knew it doesn’t synergize well with a Melee Krieg.
But idk whom should I give it to.

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #56

Maya for Beehawk? xD
Zer0 for B0re?
Sal for being more broken?
Axton for Tediore chucking?
Gaige for breaking Anarchy? xD