Newbie starting Fl4k with a few questions

Done some research about him but cant narrow down how when Fade Away is used you get more than three shots off. A little help on that, also which mod is a go to for that build or Rakk Attack, i think i know this one but need conformation. Im starting fresh so if you can offer any extra advice on gear also that would be great to, thanks fellow hunters!

For more shots there is a skill on the side. For rakk build I play DE4DEYE and Bounty Hunter.

Guerrillas In The Mist? Any particular rolls you go for on the mod?

If you want to get more than 3 shots in Fade Away, you are going to want Gorillas In The Mist. GITM is an action skill augment in their green tree, and its the first one available.

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For COMs, you have several choices depending on whether you run Fade Away or Rakk Attack.

Rakk: R4kk P4kk makes Rakk split in two when hitting an enemy. Great if you use the 100% damage rakk anointment, wouldn’t really bother otherwise.

Fade Away: Stackbot- crits give you more gun damage. Although most people use a Lucky 7 to cheese with this, you can get good use out of GitM and any weapon with this COM. It is incredibly quirky though, and any damage that doesn’t crit FROM ANY SOURCE will reset the damage, so you can’t run a pet, use the master tree, melee, throw grenades, or use any elemental weapon with a DOT.

Both can use Bounty Hunter, Deadeye, and Stalker.


Fun fact that you may not know because the game doesn’t go out of its way to tell you: As long as Gamma Burst is active, your pet cannot actually get downed. I’ve seen a few actually rather experienced Fl4k players who didn’t know that simply because the game doesn’t actually mention it.


For my Fl4k, I use Rakk Attack and the Cosmic Stalker com. I think it’s the best option for the Rakk Attack as it gives you a CONSTANT 25% bonus to all of your hunt skills. That is huge. The Cosmic Stalker com is so underrated it’s a shame and I feel more vulnerable when using any other com on a Rakk Attack build.

As for gear;
Jakobs Maggie or Masher will pretty much put the game in easy mode for Fl4k if you have a Jakobs crit buff on a class mod and pistol damage buff on an artifact.

Any weapons with multiple projectiles are always a win for Fl4k, especially if using Fade Away.

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I did not know that either but i dont know much about fl4k period. I looked into GB but seemed a little more complicated to use over the others. Unless im just ignorant.

It’s actually not that complicated, the wording is just weird. Basically, you just buff up your pet for the duration and it gets revived if it’s downed or dead. Upon activation it also gets teleported to where you are aiming.
You can later add augments to buff either Fl4k or their pet additionally as long as it’s active.
It’s arguably the best way to build the character if you have trouble keeping him alive or if you want a radiation based build.

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I love radiation so looked at it first. Its become my fav element right now. The wedding invitation seems to be the most popular weapon for the build and since i never gotten one i focused more on the other builds. Im looking for an end game build, any suggestions for weapon substitutes with the GB build?

Any of the more powerful snipers can probably go as a substitute right now, ideally a Krakatoa or a Lyuda (or maybe a Woodblocker). Mind you, those are good but not as ammo efficient as the WI.

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If you’re going Gamma, get a Pestilence pistol from Sylestro or Heckle n Hyde and pair it with an Elemental Projector artifact and a red Card shield.


Fl4k is actually well suited for the woodblocker, my rakk build could shred anointed with a fire one at lvl 50.

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Carrier, Conference Call, King/Queens Call, Wedding Invitaion and X21/X25 Stagecoach are my wheelhouse weapons for Fl4k. The Recursion can be thoroughly abused with Fl4k as long as you have stacked ASE annointments. I run a Fade Away build with the Bounty Hunter. For the shield I almost exclusively use the Stop Gap with an Otto Idol for some health return. Hunter Seeker and Hex are probably the best grenade mods as they can trigger Megavore for Leave no Trace and Head Count for ammo return and better cooldown. A good Transfusion grenade can be very helpful as well, but you wont get those crit bonuses as often.

I wouldn’t bother with any of Fl4k’s specific annointments outside of the Rakk 100 and Gamma 115 if that is what kind of build you like. I have found my build is the most successful for me so it is what I use.

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Do you mean a Red Suit shield? Red Suit is what gives out the Radiation Aura and makes you immune to radiation damage.

Red Card strips enemy shields if you slide into them.

Yes … sorry. The shield that gives you immunity to radiation.

If the RNG gods are kind, you can get a Red Suit AND a Pestilence in the same run against Sylestro and Atomic. I have had that happen on several occasions when farming for a Spitual Driver :wink:

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Which platform do you play on?

I play on PS4