Newbie - Takedown Advice

Hi there

I’ve always loved borderlands for its humour and gun play but never got my head around the the science of different builds

Me and my buddies are struggling with the Takedown on TVHM (no Mayhem!) and i was hoping someone could recommend a build for Moze

I guess this depends a lot on the kit but I’ve got some decent stuff (according to the Moze guide on here) - a friend gave me 2 kyb’s worth’s so I can run both corrosive & shock and I got a corrosive Ion Cannon too so I’d like the build to be round those - I’ve also got a Trevonator I like using , a Lucky 7, rad shreddifier

I’ve been looking everywhere for a cloning maddening tracker as that seems to be key to staying alive but can’t find one - is there a decent alternative? I’m using the storm front is that a good choice?

I’m using a recharger shield (I have a transformer & a big boom blaster) and deathless relic - I have a victory rush too

I use a Blastmaster mod but I have a raging bear too

I’m sure I’ve enough kit to do the job if I get the build right (unless the grenade is all important)

I’m on PS4 - sdaveak47 if anyone wants to add me

Cheers (and sorry if this is in the wrong place)

Check out this build/thread for starters:

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Thanks dude - it seems to be another build that needs that grenade - I’m not attempting M4 though so hopefully I’ll get by without it

Ill add you a bit later; ive got a spare of that grenade (not anointed though) + maybe an epicenter i can send over; but you’ll find that stormfront is nearly useless in terms of vampyr;
If you’d like to maybe link your skill trees here or you can check out some guides from @Prismatic, @kabflash, and @twoPIZZA for some great advice regarding moze - build advice - skill breakdowns etc.
I would try to help myself but im not as fond of the BlastMaster and Raging Bear coms (my moze does mindsweeper)


Thanks man

I’m pretty sure I’ve a mind sweeper too - I’ll check when I finish work

Takedown can be completed without too much trouble with other players that are equally as good as you. I’d recommend Blast Master with either weapon damage, smg, or assault damage. The skill points of the class mod is not as important as the damage perks.

Skill points: for a well balanced game play with good healing ability from Vampyr here is an example of skill trees that work well.

Assuming the Blast Master class mod has points in Vampyr, you could save some points by not going beyond 3-5 points in it and use those points to grab Click-Click or Experimental Munitions for more damage/less healing. Although Short Fuse gives you damage boost too, but, arguably you’ll get better results by adding increased weapon damage.

For gear I recommend the following: Kybs SMG corrosive, shock and incendiary variants, Ogre assault rifle. Faisor assault rifles (again corrosive, shock and incendiary). Ghast Call Grenades, or maddening tracker, or hex, or anything that has +25% weapon damage on throw. ion Cannon any variant but corrosive preferred. For a shield I recommend a recharger, perks and anointments catered to your preference but do-able without any. Artifact I recommend a last-stand, one that has smg or assault damage boost and grenade damage boost and AOE boost. Or 1 or 2 of those. +40% mags can help extend your fire time maximizing damage.

Keep in mind, Blast Master boosts your splash damage up to 100%. It takes about 1 Minute to get there. When you re-load, you reset the boost. You want splash guns that you can fire for awhile or, swap weapons before your mag runs dry and let your ammo regen through Means of Destruction Redistribution. A gun like the Ogre has such a large mag that you might not ever need to reload while firing for several minutes at a time.

Theoretically you will be regenerating enough Grenades to keep your health up and assist in constant damage by throwing one every 30 seconds to 1 minute. I’ve found if you spam grenades too quickly, they have a harder time to regen. You’ll want to enter Wotan fight with a full supply. Thankfully there is an ammo machine right before it.

Use iron bear for oh-sh*t situations. Buys you time to run away or take a breather.

Keep your distance from enemies and be mindful of the mini map and your enemies location.

Other than that, shouldn’t be too difficult. Good luck!


The CMT is the meta grenade, but any Altas grenade with homing, MIRV and bouncy will work well.

The Nagata and Epicenter are also good at refilling health.

Looks both ways for Mr. Torgue Personally, I find that the CMT causes too many explosions. Screen shake can be a real issue with high level Moze play.

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Thanks for the info - just checked and my class mod has + 2 in pull the holy pin + 2 in Vampyr & + 1 in redistribution - it gives me 25% weapon damage + 29% splash radius + 31% cool down -

I take it that’s a decent one to run with?

Those are pretty solid, just be careful about the splash radius.

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It’s that cause I might take myself out?

Should I have a non- splash weapon if they get too close

Get yourself a shock Ion Canon and a Transformer as well for Wotan’s double shield phase. That part can get really rough and the Ion Canon can recharge your shield and take out Wotan’s. You can check out the method in this thread:

Helped me make it through.

I have blown myself up many a time taking out those robodogs…

You can (the Maggie or the Butcher can be good for that), but over time, you will also get a handle for how close you can let enemies come towards you.

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I’ve got a Maggie & a Butcher so I’ll try them out

I have a transformer but my Ion Cannon is corrosive - I’ll check my bank to shock rocket launchers

Going in for my respec now - I’ve got an Ogre & a last stand relic so I’ll try both them out too

What Iron bear skills do you recommend - exploding bullets?

and thanks again for the detailed reply

Take SSB instead of TCP in the build @N8d0ggz posted in my opinion. You already have a radius boost on your mod, I have the same on one of my blast masters and TCP is going to put you into ffyl all the time.

I’d also recommend Dead Lines instead of Why Can’t I Carry. It will allow you to fire shots from iron bear for longer while significantly reducing cooldown after jumping out early.

SSB will slightly increase your cooldown on IB if you’re hopping out instantly, but SSB also increases Moze’s Short Fuse damage for some reason. It also has a multiplicative effect with Dead Lines allowing much shorter cooldown if you plan to fire a full mag of iron bears weapons.

Explosive minigun is the best for autobear, proccing MoD, and fuel drain : damage ratio. No augment rocket pods are best for quick damage but drain fuel fast.


Thanks - I’ll give both a try and see how I get on

I quite like Auto Bear so would like to get that in somehow - as I’ve +2 in Pull the Holy pin & Vampyr maybe I could save one point there?

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That’s a great class mod. You get a boost to both normal bullet and splash damage, even though it’s the radius that’s boosted, a bigger explosion means more damage. The weapon damage boost is the next best thing to 31% smg or assault damage boost. Some would argue it’s even better as you can use any type of gun and get a boost. This class mod only boosts splash damage. So, I do not recommend using something like the Maggie or Butcher. You’d have to try really hard to kill yourself with splash damage if you’re running a recharger shield and last stand. Using a Flaker is a different story, you can easily kill yourself with that just by hitting a wall it an enemies shield :rofl:. But it’s so damn fun for normal enemies.

Because your class mod boosts splash radius, I agree with other comments, instead of Torgue Cross Promotion, go with Stainless Steel Bear. That way the risk of damaging yourself with splash is minimized and your iron bear now has a damage buff if you want to take some life/shield/armor out from enemies while hiding/saving your life. Keep in mind, if you stay in Iron Bear, instead of jumping right out to activate Action Skill End, the cool down time is much longer vs just a few seconds.


Be careful about using the Ion Cannon to refill your shields — the free 4th shot you get from Cloud of Lead will do enough bonus fire damage to kill you.

If you have an Alchemist, I’d give it a try. It’s shock self-damage will also refill the Tranformer.

Also, check out this version of a splash damage build that Attached put together. It has pretty high survivability.

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Keep in mind there’s a huge difference between the weapon damage boost and smg or assault rifle damage boosts.

(Gun Damage + gun damage boost) x (Splash damage)


(Gun Damage) x (specific gun damage boost) x (Splash damage)

The specific gun damage (smg etc) boosts are multiplicative to regular gun damage, while the generic gun damage boost is just an additive bonus. It isn’t bad, it’s just not even close in damage.

Manufacturer specific boosts are the same as gun damage as well, making them worse than the generic gun damage boost.