Newbie - Takedown Advice

Nice! I think I’ve got my kit almost sorted

Kyb’s worth - Shock & Radiation
Ogre - no element
Ion Cannon - Corrosive, this one is anointed too so it does 125% on ASE

I just need one more gun - my other Kyb’s worth is Cryo & Incendry so that may not be the the one as I guess I need a corrosive gun? I’ve a choice between a Trevonator, Hornet or Laser Sploder For corrosives

Cryo is fine for armor, and neutral to flesh. While corrosive is better for armor and has dots, it’s much worse on flesh.

Both aren’t great on shields but your other kyb’s is great for shields, both radiation and shock are good for shield. Radiation is also good on flesh.

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Just found my first Alchemist whilst farming traunt 5 mins ago

edit: we’re on the same page :+1:

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Nah your good; far as i can tell thats how it was explained - 31% smg = specific gun damage boost


That’s what I tried to explain haha, the gun type specific ones are better than generic gun damage boosts. I’ll reword it so it’s easier to understand

Changed it, hopefully worded more clearly


My friend mains Moze and a while ago we two manned the takedown and it was so fun for my fl4k to have a walking bubble to hide in.
He could never survive Wotan though.


That’s the hardest part for Moze. With other players I can survive and we’ve completed it on M4. But, solo, I haven’t been able to complete it without a glitch build. I can see Auto Bear being helpful as a distraction for the enemies. When you have no where to hide, and your grenades fail to regen, and your action skill is on a cool down, Moze is screwed.

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I’ve heard of this happening before but only with certain grenades like the ghast call. Is the skill itself glitched?

Yes, the skill is inconsistent and at times non-existent/complete failure. Especially in multiplayer and long fights. The Loaded Dice artifact also seems to trigger it to fail, although no data backs this claim, just experimentation from me and a few others.

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Ah right - so it isn’t so much that Auto Bear is a waste of a skill point - it’s more that using Auto Bear means I’m more likely to come unstuck by not having him available

Hey dude - thanks for that grenade, it made a real difference

Let me know if there’s anything you are looking for and I’ll keep an eye out for it

Update - squad finished Wotan for the first time yesterday- thanks for all the help

Glad to hear :+1:

I’ll have to think about that; not too concerned at the moment though :slight_smile:

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