Newegg shipping dates?

Lot’s of talk about the amazon ship dates. I assume there are others on there who pre-ordered from Newegg. Has anyone heard anything about when Newegg will be shipping the collector’s edition?

I’d suggest talking to Newegg. Gearbox stated a while back that they never had any arrangements with Newegg, only with Amazon. No one is quite sure how/why/where Newegg got stock.

Are we 100% about that? The steam forums would claim otherwise:

Yes, I am 100% sure about that:

Ahhhhhh ok, thanks for that. Good to know

I just got off live chat with Newegg. They claim 3/26/2015 will be the shipping date. Kinda upset, I didn’t know amazon was the only authorized seller at the time when I made the pre-order long ago. Maybe I’ll see the Collectors edition come available on amazon again before newegg gets any stock and cancel my newegg order.

Interesting note, the product page has been updated with an ETA of 3/26/15

I really hope they’re not going to try to string us along if they aren’t ever going to get copies. I rather have them just tell us if they don’t have them and I can buy it from scalpers on ebay than endlessly wait on them only to end up getting it from scalpers at an even more exorbitant price.

Regardless I got a digital copy from steam so I can play on day one… but man I really wanted that model though.

I talked to an agent from newegg about 3 days ago, they said they haven’t received any in yet. Hopefully they do get some in, as i ordered the collectors edition from them as-well.