Newest e-mail code not working

Anyone get an answer back about why the newest email code OVERABILLION is not working?


Yes, same here.

Yea dont work

That’s just mean. Give us a code for 1,000 points that doesn’t work.

Maybe the codes are no longer valid after the game has been released.

Definitely broken.

I just got the email today at 6 pm it’s now 10 pm but the code still isn’t working.

Same here.

Others have mentioned they got a code: OVERONEBILLION.

It works but only gives 250 points. I have the same issue with OVERABILLION.

Same here. Cannot get code to work.

So broken…

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Same here :smiley: Does not work !

Was gonna post the same question, guess all I xan add is that at almost midnight (23:48) EST it still don’t work.

Yeah didn’t work when I tried it either. WE NEED OUR THOUSAND POINTS, man!

Same. Ugh.

Same here, just got done playing the game for hours, see the code in e-mail, not working. Not “only 250” just nothing at all.

Same here

Not working here either

I wonder if they made a mistake on the email?
OVERABILLION doesn’t work, but OVERONEBILLION gives you 250 points.

Same here, code is broken. If there were to give us a diamond code All will be forgiven.

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