Newly Updated CTT: Sorry. I'm Out

I was immediately interested when I saw robot grandma in the e-mail for part 2 of the technical test.
Unfortunately, I saw the Epic Games Store watermark on the loading screen.
I assume that means this’ll be an Epic Exclusive even though you’re testing on Steam.
As I will not do business with the Epic Games Store until they sort out their issues, that means I’m out.
Thank you for allowing me to participate in part 1 of the CTT.

I’m not trying to change your mind about EGS, but theres a difference between the Epic Games logo (Which they probably have to have on there since its running UE4) and the EGS logo which has that store bit on the bottom.
Also considering I don’t think the publishers would gain much from launching a f2p title on EGS

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Perhaps… but I’ve seen other games utilizing Unreal Engine 4 (Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice for example) that do not utilize the Epic Games logo (although they are included in the copyright fine print). It is possible they are displaying the logo because they are partnering with them on the technical side of things only, it is possible that you are correct and it is there for legal reasons, and it is possible they will release the game on multiple platforms. Unfortunately, I am skeptical and as such stand by my backing out of the CTT. I don’t want to provide data for, or get really interested in, a game that will be released exclusively on a platform that I refuse to support in its current state.

I may look the fool if I’m wrong, but I never have been afraid of looking foolish.

The Cycle left Steam for Epic and it’s free2play :slight_smile:
But yeah, there is no EGS logo in Project 1v1 and the epic games logo is just an attribution.