Newplayer's Buzz kill problem

I know there will be many more thing’s to change/fix but what I can seen that may happen is there
will be two groups the MMR 250 or greater and the 32’s.

The higher ranked will camp a central spot on the level and pummel new player’s, of course a
500mmr beating a 40 won’t take away much MMR but not many player’s will keep trying
when the score is 15 zip. or greater.

They may just hit escape/quit/delete Before they have gained the skill/cards needed to
counter these tactic’s.

Maybe auto teleport to random location after x amount of second’s staying in one spot?

Or anything to reduce the very steep learning curve, newer player’s more health/armor, more damage
at the start but will wear down when you gain more XP.

Or something along those line’s to prevent new game “buzz kill”.

It’s frustrating form a higher MMR perspective as well. Tonight has been a more positive experience, but last night I kept queueing into mmr >50 (aside from a few decent games). It’s not fun to play when the match is so uneven. Occasionally you get the player who’s good and still climbing, but most of the time the games were just plain lacking challenge. I also had quite a few people just DC or AFK.

I think this is one thing that will be greatly improved once the game has a larger playerbase. Right now I’m sitting in 3-5 minute q’s hoping not to get sniped by an mmr600 or just waiting for the inevitable match against a low MMR player. Once there is a larger amount of people spread across the MMR scale, it’ll likely be quicker to find a match, and it will be easier for the system to find a balanced match.