[NEWS] New Patch info!


Just in case someone didn’t see it :slight_smile: What do you guys think?

My favorite parts:

Projectile weapons now have true ballistic behavior! Rather than an RNG’d percent chance to hit being generated at the time of fire and missed rounds blinking out of existence as soon as they reach their target, we’ll get to watch true ballistic behavior from most ships with projectile weaponry.
…Another change which I like very much is exploding ships now deal much more damage than they did previously


A point of clarification: not ALL weapons are ballistic, but lots are- primarily focused around where speed and maneuverability would make a difference. Fighters and corvettes and ships good at shooting at fighters and vettes have ballistic weapons but where divergences become great (Hiigaran Battlecruiser vs Vaygr Battlecruiser, for instance) there is too much disparity in the weapons for them to be not RNG.

There are other systems in place to help out (what is mentioned is only a bit of what’s new, many surprises remain) though. It’s all exposed too so we expect to see pure ballistic mods before too long if that’s your thing but I wanted to clarify that. It’s a huge, huge change.


I’ll second that while the article has lots of new info, it doesn’t have all of the new info, not even close. And in some cases, such as with Ballistics - the systems are flexible beyond just black & white. Going in to details about them will wait until release, when there will be some context the all of the changes.


I love you. In a strictly platonic sense, of course.


If they’re changing this much then I hope they make a new tutorial and manual because the old ones will be completely out of date and that could be very confusing.

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Your face is confusing.

Silly jokes aside, I don’t see how the tutorials would need to be changed. The features taught are not changed in a way that would hinder your understanding of them.


There have been some minor changes - but what is said and the user is told to do hasn’t really changed - it didn’t need to.

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Hm. That instanced turrets thing is interesting. I hope that doesn’t blow up the Blender toolkit too badly.

I don’t expect any trouble there - all it means is that for most stuff with turrets, the mesh/data is now a sub-system, and not part of the base ship. Used in conjunction with a bunch of other new things, it allows for more Modding flexibility, and faster display.


I’ll probably have to pick your brain once that patch is out if I run into any problems. In my head it feels like there’ll be an addition to the .wepn file that calls turret geo (maybe as another hod?), so the obvious risk is when using an existing turret weapon type just for its effects and firing arcs that two different turret geometries will end up on top of each other when the turret is already baked in to the main ship hod. I’m probably overthinking it.

Check out how the Hgn BC’s Ion Cannon was done (in the public version) - it isn’t in the wepn, it is in the sub-system, which then declares the weapons and nodes to use. The new system is the same, with a few extra/new options.

If I wasn’t so far away, I would personnaly come to see you all and hug you A LOT for all the hours and work you’ve put into this <3


I am impressed with everything said in this article. It seems like this was time well spent getting this patch together. I was in awe when it was explained that ships will try to move away from capital ships that are going down, which is something I’ve wanted to see in Homeworld for a long time. Thank you for putting the time, energy, and I’m sure, money into this.


Bah, you need to release already. Not elaborating on this is killing me.

You guys have seriously outdone yourselves on this one.
Brilliant work, genius!

Time very well spent


Great ! Looking forward to it in 2017 ! Oh wait…

I have only 1 question. Will multiplayer release from beta stage or no?

Really hyped by this patch, update… thing? Yhoohoho someone heard us and fixed ballistics too! Now I can’t wait to use the feature in some mod :wink:

Btw [quote=“zaskow, post:17, topic:1465973, full:true”]
I have only 1 question. Will multiplayer release from beta stage or no?
I don’t care if beta stage or not, just play! I see maybe 2 guys and a single match on world filters every time I get online and that’s damn depressing. Often I lose more time waiting and updating HW than actually playing it… :frowning:


After having waited for a Remastered version for years and been hugely disappointed by the shortcomings in the game’s mechanics (despite I must say a more than stellar graphic overhaul), I’ve put the game on hold before not even completing half of the campaign because of frustration hoping something like this would happen… and it looks like this patch will not only fix, but surpass the original game way beyond what I could have imagined.

Kudos to Gearbox for having unlocked a budget to make this happen, do justice to the original, believe in the franchise and to the small passionate team who’ve been hard at work the past 6 months, you just confirm Gearbox having acquired the license is truely the best thing that could have happened to this classic masterpiece!

Can’t wait to try it for myself,

Thanks once again.



Ballistic over RNG open a whole new world of micro management, I cannot wait to try it out :smiley:

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