News on BL3 release, just something

So I have been waiting and waiting for news or even a trailer about the possible release date of BL3. I have heard things like you haven’t really started, that you are almost done and the latest on YouTube is that there is an issue between BL3 and Valve. Come on dudes be straight since new games are coming out for the Christmas season and New Year’s. If no news on you I will just buy one of them and you can wait down low on my list. Sorry but I built a new system and wanna play and may the best game win my bucks!**

BL3 is probably years away. No need to threaten Gearbox just yet.

Borderlands 3 is so far off that I’m honestly not even thinking about it. Fallout 4 on the other hand…


They just started a few months ago, it will take at least 3 years for them to make it. There wont be news for a long time.

I agree on wanting another Borderlands game, but to have it released this early would be a serious mistake. Starting off, they are still hiring for Borderlands 3, and are more than likely going to take a lot of time working on it.

By all means purchase another game, there are some amazing releases coming this year and even next year with Battleborn, there will be games that should tie you over until we hear some news on Borderlands 3.

Sorry, but I fail to see how you expect a new Borderlands game while,

A) They are busy with Battleborn
B) And while they are still in planning phase for the next BL, if not hiring.

So hold your horses there.

Nyahhhh patience dude! Battleborn is not even finished and as a former post stated they are still hiring for the work on BL3.
I´m pumped for it as anyone else arround here, but games are art and for good artworks we should wait a bit.

So I think you just have to buy another game, I don´t think they´ll release BL3 before 2017.

How about Fallout 4? Or the new Wolfenstein?

Those of us still waiting to hear a peep from Valve regarding Half Life 3 would like a word with you, OP.

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Oh, it wasn’t anything like that. I just remembered the first awards that BL2 got and the question will there be a BL3 answer yes. The News articles of behind the scenes and a post on the work board of the ideas building for it. Posts in Twitter etc. So now you see how I got it in my brain it should be out soon since the borderlands pre sequel was issued not too long afterwards. I researched further today after I posted and seems Lionsgate is working on a movie based on Gearbox’s Borderlands. 2K is also working with a staff down-under. So now I see why it is more on the back burner since I saw the quote not going to lie to the public like Half-Life has to us for HL3. Too much politics for me I am just a Granny gamer that’s retired and wants to have fun. There are enough great stuff out there to try until they get things worked out… Thanks for postin’ back l8r

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Have both and been playing them along with Zombie Army Trilogy, Dying Light etc.

Early 2018, u happy?