News on latest PSVITA update of BL2?

Just wondering when there is a new update/patch planned for BL2 on the Psvita.
Still running into issues like game crashes on certain points in the game (like switching weapons or going to vendor machines in certain levels (like the one on wildlife in the middle of the game))
Or the issue that E tech/ancient relics are improperly blacklisted and delete once you exit your game

Unfortunatly, Iron Galaxy (The company that ported the game) has stated that they stopped making patches for the game. I really wish it was Gearbox that made the port, maybe it wouldn’t have turned out with so many bugs and crashes. Sony’s also to blame, since they do the Q&A.

I wish they had given a little more care for the PSV version of BL2.

I don’t think people were looking for perfection but it turned into a ■■■■ show.

This is coming from a guy who bought BL2 on Vita almost solely because the Vita was a fail machine and it seemed like a somewhat recognizable game that might justify my bad purchase.

I ended up buying all the BL games and DLC on PC because I dug the weapon/level up/loot systems.

So as I was expecting: this is it, no more updates and we just have to live with this agonizing port from BL2 to the already instable PSV. Ahh well… nothing to do I guess and keep records where and when you access vendors and go to the weapon switch menu…

It’s still a great console, just doesn’t get too many western developer’s attention.

I hope someone make patch that fix broken trophy in DLC and map location :frowning:

Also access to this location from Vita without using Cross Save :frowning:

Pleas Gearbox make some small patch that fix this :smiley:
Also Iron Galaxy said that next update and rest of DLC is up to SONY and Gearbox :smiley:
Please make them, we buy them Vita :smiley:

Succeed to cross Wildlife exploitation preserve from one end to the other is almost impossible, the game still ended up crash! And opening inventory crashes the game at least once in two.
Iron Galaxy is sabotaged one of the greatest game of all time and at the same time Borderlands tarnishes the reputation with this shabby portage. The worst is that they have also worked on porting to next gen and we see the result!

Alex, it’s always crashing half way when using the vendor machine just after you enter the building behind peemu and tumba… simply do NOT use it at all even low on ammo.

For me that location is available and already finish all quests from it :wink: No crashes for me here :smiley:About Iron Galaxy is a crappy company! They don’t know what they doing! We ask to patch game bugs and they do nothing! I hope Gearbox fix this game for us :pensive: