Next BL3 raid boss and name?

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This is my first post so if I’ve done something incorrectly please let me know and I apologise.

With the recent news of hemivorous the invincible for bl3, does anyone think we’ll get another raid boss in the future and what do you think would be a decent name?

I like the idea of another human raid boss. I’d call him covidious the invincible.



Yeah, let’s beat that fu#ker


As I mentioned somewhere else, I would love to see a Jabber boss.
I think the Jabbers are great additions to BL3. Their varied attacks, ability to climb, and general movement makes them a fun enemy.

And a gigantic raid one would be awesome, particularly if it had a good weapon.



A raid where you go through a level to get to the end where you go down the elevator shaft and get the message:

“To continue this raid please purchase DLC (enter number here)”


Yeah a huge jabber would be a good one actually, didn’t think of them


Already talked about it in a stream, but I’d love some “what if ?” raid bosses.

The story teller in dlc3 is called “the liar” if I remember correctly cause no one believes what happened with Rose and The Ruiner when he tells the story, right ?

Imagine this guy reinventing some fights we had in main game or dlcs just to make it even more epic ? We could have Rampager the Invincible, with a new arena. Or I don’t know, Ruiner The Invincible, Troy the Des-Troy-er (just for the pun), Jackbot The Invincible. That would be a way for devs to rewrite these fights, I’d find it interesting.


Ava the Siren the Invincible. Let’s have a sparring session in the Sanctuary cargo hold like a Danger-room simulation or some type of training.

But no I won’t pay for it. Already bought SP1 that came with zero raid bosses so I feel owed.

Still waiting for a COV takedown

There a character that could be used, well he has already a name he needs a design and animations:
Eyescrape Twice-Blind, he could be made into Eyescrape Twice-Blind, Twice-Invincible :rofl:
he will lead the remnant of cov. We could have the cov radio guy as mid boss, would be fun if he was related to Hunter Hellquist to make a few revenge/Bee shield jokes , like “I am Farmer Hellquist VH killed my brother and stole his shield!” :rofl:


When is eyescrape from? I don’t remember him at all

He is the one who sends cov weapon reward mail

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If we were to get a jabber, it might as well be the infamous Korillax ('cause it kinda sounds like “gorilla”, and gorillas are big apes… it checks out, right?).

EDIT: Also, Hammerlock doesn’t share any detail about Korillax, but mentions it during an Eden-6 sidequest, so that might be a clue.


No one has mentioned a flying raid boss or bosses. We had dragons in bl2, why not a megaraak the invincible?

Also what about a raid boss of some sort on Skywell with the low gravity?


Ahh of course, what a guy

Aww mate I adore the low gravity, one of the main reasons why I love TPS so much. That would be sick!

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Arrrg, not for me please. I really dislike flying enemies in BL (and most games), Im just not good at aiming up and running around. I’ll even take an invulnerability phase or two instead of flying guys.
But that’s my problem, innit? :sunglasses:


I’m not the greatest fan (being on console) but it would provide some variety.

I’d love a “4 Invincible Dragons” style of boss, where we would fight Pandoras apex predators, a massive radiated Skag (Shin-Skagzilla), a corrosive Rakk-Hive and a gigantig electric Spiderant, all mini raid bosses.

First we start out fighting them 1 on 1 and after loosing half their HP/Armor/Shield they would tag out. Once the last one had lost half of their health, all 3 of them would come in and bombard us with attacks until we can kill them. The order in which to fight them should be: Rakk-Hive, Spiderant, Skag (basically from slowest to fastest).

Obviously they and all enemies in that fight should be immune to their own element. The raids should have attacks like these…

Rakk-Hive: Spawns dozens of little Rakks that hunt us down if we don’t shoot them. Those Rakk swarms could be non-elemental, have 1 random element or have Rakks of all the elements and once the Rakks start dive-bombing they would leave small, damaging elemental pools behind that stay for 5-10 seconds. The Hive itself could also charge at us, which would obviously have to be telepraphed by it screaming or something like that. Once it stops charging forward it emits a corrosive nova.

Spiderant: It charges at us regularly and every 30 seconds it morphes into the opposite gender (from am Emperor to am Empress and vice versa, starting out as Empress). The Emperor is faster and more aggressive while the Empress spawns all variants of Spiderants that are in the game, except for other Empress’s. Also, once killed the bigger Spiderants explode into 2 smaller ones. In the first half of her health bar up to 5 smaller Spiderants could be spawned at once while later it only spawns 2 (the little hatchlings that come from killing the spawns do not count towards that limit).

Skag: It is just a physical attacker, but leaves a trail of radiation whereever it goes. That trail lasts for 5 seconds. It can also spit radioactive balls at us that explode if they don’t hit us directly, but start a DoT if they do. The radioactive ball itself isn’t massively damaging, but the DoT becomes more troublesome the more you’re under pressure. Shin-Skagzilla starts the fight with 4 other elemental badass skags, which aren’t too healthy, but very aggressive and are meant to be killed before phase 2 of the raid or else you end up having up to 10 enemies against you at once (3 raids, 2 Spiderant spawns, 1 Rakk swarm, 4 elemental badass skags), 14 if you count in 4 hatchlings.

The general idea is to have a chaotic brawl with nature that escalates massively during phase 2 and leads to some sort of damage race. For that reason the raids don’t need massive HP, but should rather have short-lasting immunity phases every 25% of their health. During those phases (~5 seconds max) the raids, except for Shin-Skagzilla would also spawn new enemies, if their limit of additional spawns wasn’t reached already.


This would fit to perfection in a Creature Takedown.


I love Takedowns, but would love it even more if we got more conventional Raid bosses. “Jump into the arena and kill the raid” has a very convenient simplicity to it that I miss from the other games.

Or how about we make it a combination of both: Once we beat the Takedown once we open up the option to either play the whole takedown again or do the bosses instead. Having the option for both would make it the perfect “Borderlands and chill” type of activity for me.


I have mentioned being able to use Eridium to skip to the mid-boss/end-bosses of Takedowns several times. Best of both worlds IMO.