Next borderlands show on 21 May

Not been mentioned yet here unless I missed it.

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Yep! I suppose that means we’ll be getting DLC3 roughly a month later, on June 25th. The two other DLCs were announced a month before their release. I’m not sure, but it seems the Takedown will be coming on 28th to me.

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The next one is the one we got dino-riding concept art for?

I hate that show and despise the host, he just wants to make it all about himself and loves the sound of his own voice, he never once asks the GB team members that appear on the show any difficult questions or critiques on the game, he’s too busy flying his GB flag and getting paid not too. I’m not pro GB or anti GB but he is in a position to ask the questions most of us want answered, everything is cherry picked and pre-selected well in advance for that show. I’ll be watching it on youtube with a different commentator for sure


It’s marketing content produced on their official YouTube channel. I’m not sure why you expected there to be difficult questions or critiques.

They also have BorderCast videos which are members of the community (streamers) talking about the game. Maybe that’s more in line with what you want to see?

And as always, you can snag a time-limited SHiFT code for some sweet, sweet Golden Keys.

:joy: still useless… haven’t used a single one…

:laughing: Same here but we stockpile them.

Just in case. :crazy_face:

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even in BL2 is abused them just to get a tedior slag SMG for my anarchy build :joy:

other then that… just an other useless number in my inventory :joy:

I’ll keep hoarding the keys and hope what I get scaled to M10 XD
I really do miss purple loot now…